Thursday, September 18, 2014

It's been quite a year...

 Happy one year anniversary of not writing on the blog to me. Since Garrett got 5 new wives, I figured I should start documenting things of such epic proportions and have recommitted to writing. The rebirth of commitment is not because people read it, but because I need to write it. I realize that if I don't write it, life just seems to pass by like a blurry fog and I don't want to forget moments that seem to just evaporate.  Thankfully, these women are not Garrett's new wives, just the other graduates from residency.

 There are few things as liberating as shaking the shackles of residency and driving away from him working insane hours every week making less than the cashier at Little Ceasars.  I can honestly say residency was just as miserable and horrible as I heard.  I like to call Rose hospital the marriage wrecking ball plant. I honestly don't think Gar ever left our house later than 6:30 am and more often than not came home long after the girls were asleep and I had heavy eyeballs myself. I'm sure there are a lot of positive ways to talk about how residency brought us closer, how learning to budget and pinch pennies made us stronger, and how the opposition helped us but all I have to say when I think of residency is good riddance.  I will forever and ever be thankful to angel friends who literally saved me, helped me, took care of my kids, and were joy bringers into my world.  In third grade my teacher, Mrs. Glenn had a sign that said, "A friend is a gift you give yourself."  Well, if that is true then I gave myself a lot of gifts in Colorado. I hated saying goodbye. The only thing stronger than that hatred was my loathing of residency so we had to move...

 The new job paid for our move so I spent 3 days with some great moving dudes. Bernie, the 75 year old was my favorite. I told him my grandpa golfs. He told me that he was born working and he would die working. No golf for Bernie.
We took a few days in our journey and enjoyed staying where Teddy Roosevelt stayed years ago.  We knew it was the original hotel because they still haven't installed air conditioning. 
We accidentally packed all our shoes so the girls and I realized that we had no shoes when we tried to drive away.  We reached a whole new level of ghetto when we had to walk barefoot into the thrift store on our way out of town. Liv selected some fabulous rain boots which she faithfully wore for the duration of the trip.
Our first night in Idaho the girls got on this blue sled and we relished the big backyard and they laid in the grass.  It smelled like cow poop. The John Deere factory is our next door neighbor. There are potato and sugar beet transporting trucks on the street at the one stop light in town. We had arrived in Idaho. Home sweet home.