Thursday, June 27, 2013

Trip to the Dentist...

 I know you don't typically leave a tip when you go to the dentist but I felt inclined after this is the sight that greeted the dental hygienist this afternoon. I believe her verbatim comment was, "I've never seen so many people in this chair. Ever."  I hope she never has to.  It was the dental adventure I was dreaming it would be (and by dreaming I am referring to a really bad nightmare).  It actually went better than expected due to the fact that the staff transformed into a preschool for Liv and were fortunately not baby haters.   I practiced with Liv for a long time about what we do at the dentist but I had no idea how well she would perform.  The second she sat in the chair she should stared with her mouth gaping as big as she could open it.
It was making everyone laugh because if anyone came near her she would immediately just open her mouth.  She was a champion with her tutti fruity nasty wasty toothpaste cleaner. She wouldn't take off the pink shades they offered as she watched "Brave."
She looked like a science experiment and almost let them finish before she suddenly sat up, grabbed the hygenists hands and said, "All Done."  She wasn't joking. No more tutti fruity happened after that announcement.
I just want to know why they don't have an adult treasure box with gift certificates, jewelry, and treasures for my age bracket. That's the only thing that could have made our dental adventure even better.  Thankfully we have 6 more months before we have to sign up for the adventure once again.  0 cavities for the 3 Seibold women (granted Grace has no teeth but I bet her gums are superior). Not too bad. I think we will celebrate tonight with some oreo milkshakes.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Goodbye bassinet...

Hermit crabs are the ultimate pet for pet haters.  It's about as close as you can get to not having a pet and still saying that you are a pet owner.  It's basically a step above owning a plant and a step below a beta fish. I base this hierarchy upon the fact that you have to change the water for beta fish and I don't really even think I know what hermit crab poop even looks like. How does that even work when half your body is shoved in a shell? Seriously. What a weird animal. What does the bottom half of a hermit crab even look like anyway? All I know is that you have to make sure their shell is big enough or they look funny.  I thought of that this week when I realized that Grace looks like a hermit crab that has outgrown her bassinet shell...
This has been a problem because we only have one crib and so we were hoping that Liv would be in her toddler bed by the time Grace was ready to upgrade to the big crib. Unfortunately, the timing is not working out. At all. So before Grace started sleeping with her leg hanging over the side, we decided that this week it was time (ok, let's be honest, way past time) to move her out.
Before we made her graduation pomp and circumstance transfer to the pack n' play, Liv wanted another turn to be the baby. Who wouldn't when the bassinet plays soothing music, has crickets chirping, ocean waves crashing and a moving bear mobile, not to mention the whole contraption vibrates with the push of a button. Genius. By far one of my best garage sale treasure finds of all time for $3.00. 
Grace loves the pack and play and not feeling like a stuffed shelled hermit crab every night when she sleeps.  In case you were wondering what the bottom end of hermit crab looks like, check out the clear shell edition below: 
No wonder it probably prefers the colored shell.  There are some seasons or phases in life where you feel like it is time for a change, time for a crib upgrade if you will.  Nothing feels better than that change, especially when it is long overdue.

Dough nut you know its a celebration?

I love doughnuts. I have passed that love onto Liv. Perhaps that has to do with the fact that often on grocery store trips we may or may not make purchasing and splitting a maple bar part of our routine.  For her birthday, that was her only request.  We put a candle in it and sang the classic, "happy birthday" which she loved.  Thus the connection between birthdays, doughnuts, and singing was made. The problem is that the concept of a birthday only being once a year did not compute so now every time we have a doughnut, she wants a candle and to sing happy birthday. Every single time.
I tried explaining it logically but then I realized, Who the heck cares if we sing and celebrate every time we have a doughnut? So I have given up explaining, and instead enjoy singing happy birthday every time we have doughnuts together. I love it.
Perhaps Grace deserves some good doughnut milk to celebrate her four month birthday that happened a few weeks ago. It blows my mind every time I take one of these pics that another month of living, trying, eating, sleeping, and experiencing has gone by. I don't think I'm soaking it in nearly enough. I love these girls that make up my whole world.

The best .58 cent summer investment...

Every day basically has the same components with a small margin of variation.  The day always includes otter pops, sun screen, turning on the AC when the sweat defies the deodorant, and dirty bare feet.  Last week we decided to spice up the classic pool activity when we spent .58 cents at the pet store and bought 4 live gold fish.  We let them live in the wild outside the Petco imprisonment where they were mauled and enjoyed by children. 
I realize I should probably go to jail or at least pay some sort of animal cruelty fine but it was well worth it.  It clearly stated on the tank, "Feeder fish" meaning their fate was simply to be ingested by a larger creature.  Obviously not the best destiny in fulfilling the measure of their creation so I think bringing fascination and summer afternoon joy to children was a much more fulfilling life for those fish who were willing to sacrifice in the name of summer fun.