Saturday, June 20, 2015

Fetal festivities.

Time goes fast but it goes even faster in blog months when you realize that it feels like years since you've typed a word and so many things have happened that you completely abandon the noble thought of every catching up and making a cute blog post about every event you want to remember.  The biggest event and change is that the last time I blogged my womb was empty.  Now I've got a uterus friend that moves. What in the world? I don't care what mind blowing science experiments you've witnessed, there is nothing in life that compares to growing another human being...inside your own body.  I mean take 4 seconds and just ponder that concept. You can't fully. It's impossible.  And yet here we are.  Science experiment number three. Growing this very second as I sit here in my sweat pants (I would rather gargle nasty fluoride at the dentist office for an hour than wear jeans, only sweat pants and maxi skirts are my friends). I went to my first visit at 12 weeks and enjoyed a ravishing scandalous gown, exam, and heard the heart beat.

 Liv was an excellent assistant and was completely fascinated by the blood draw. She said to me after, "Mom, I am not going to have any kids if I have to have a shot."  Fair enough. I didn't try to explain that the "shot" was probably the easiest part of the entire ordeal.  I didn't go into details about how you feel like your OB is sewing a quilt after delivery on very private territory, or how you feel like a cowboy riding an ice pack saddle for the next week, or how luxurious and comfortable the last month complete with dilation checks can be...  We will save those chats for another day. In a lot of years.
The night before the 20 week ultrasound, Liv said, "Mom, I do NOT want to have a boy baby in our family. If our baby turns into a boy I will not hold it. Only if it is a girl then I will hold it."  Liv got her ultimate wish. It turns out she can hold our new baby after all...

I still can't believe we are going to have three girls! I may have to adopt a son just for a weekend so Garrett can know what a father and son's camp out is.  We are going to be doing shopping, tea parties and periods for many many years. Initially I was just feeling grateful that I wasn't married to Henry the 8th so my head can stay on and feeling weird that G is the only man in our family but I am now feeling so excited to have the girl triple play.  We are all feeling excited to add her to the team.