Friday, August 2, 2013

Art Time...

I love having all kinds of friends because every single friend brings a new dimension and color to your life that you never even knew existed.  We had a new family move in and I was so excited because of the fact that she had a 3 year old girl which is perfect for Liv (really the only common denominator you need to be friends when you are little is be close to the same age and have your moms like to hang out).  Jen is very real and very refreshing. She had the idea that we should take our kids to the contemporary art museum.  I didn't even know what that title meant but I was excited to do something besides push Liv on germy swings at the sweaty park so we loaded up in the van and off we went.
The fact that Liv is picking her nose outside this culturally enlightened edifice is a small indication of how far we have to go to teach the finer things in life...
There was a very cool secret door that was the entrance to the museum.
In case you don't live in Denver, don't like or even know what contemporary art is, I will take this opportunity to enlighten you.
And perhaps you could then enlighten me because I was feeling as cultured as reinforced concrete when I looked at this particular piece of work. 
Liv and Lucy soaked it all in even though Liv kept asking to see the lions. 
I had no idea that petrified silly putty could be so interesting.  This was Liv's favorite.
Grace appreciated the exhibit when she was released from her stroller.
Even though I am not an experienced appreciator of art, I am an appreciator of Jen and exposing me to new things...

Ode to arranged friendships...

When I was in 2nd grade a girl named Bettina (yes, Bettina) who everyone wanted to be friends with because she had these cool shoes that you could color and had glow in the dark laces came up to me by the monkey bars and said, as she held a piece of loose leaf paper, "You are my 18th best friend." Well, I remember just feeling flattered that I was in the top 20.  Let's face it, making friends can be stressful.  There's so many variables. It can be emotionally exhausting.  Hence, the beauty of childhood forced friendships. I find someone that I love to hang out with who also has a child in the same age bracket and boom baby. Friends. No stress. No facebook likes. No need for her to call and invite. Just forced fun every time. When you're little you don't choose any friends because unless you really click with someone at nursery, you don't have a huge social pool to choose from. Even though Ashton most definitely did not choose Liv, destiny has chosen her for him.
I don't know if Ashton would choose this arranged friendship but he is learning to be very tolerant, especially when she wrecks his forts and makes him so mad that he karate chops the air.  
Liv screams like she is being stabbed when she has to leave him.  I think Ashton's face depicts his feelings regarding the matter.  He's not thrilled, but very tolerant, mostly because he has no choice.
While Kim and I turned the kitchen into bath and body works and make some homeade sugar scrub, Ash and Liv entertained themselves outside.
They were fairly bored until Kim busted out the store bought sugar cookies with pink frosting...
And then both of them couldn't keep their eyes from rolling back in their heads because they were too delectable. Seriously, look at both their eyeballs and then you will want to go to the grocery store right now.

Liv really started working up a sweat trying to impress Ashton with her best chalk skills.
And when the sidewalk became too boring, she found a new canvass for her talent....
Even though 99.3% of what we do is girly, Ash is always willing to participate.

Especially if it involves a good treat.
Or a pool...

Making friends can be a complicated and emotionally draining process. I'm so glad that I have spared Liv that experience thus far. Whether they like it or not, I think this forced arranged friendship is the way to go.  Ashton will thank me later...after they are married.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Maple Bar letters...

Sometimes when you live with someone all the time (i.e. marriage) you have the potential to annoy each other.  Now, I know this probably never happens in your marriages and you probably also floss every night and your life belongs on a mix between the Family Fun magazine and the Family Home Evening Manual but in the rare chance that it ever happens to you, may I recommend:
When I came downstairs and saw this on the counter,  my annoyance meter went to a level 0. Who knew a maple bar/apple fritter love note could make all bugged feelings instantly evaporate? It was like a magic trick. Happy Marriage doughnuts. I should call up some marriage therapists and tell them about this revolutionary new therapy.

One of summer's crowning jewels....

 Next to otter pops and sprinklers, I don't think anything is iconic for summer as the traditional water balloon.  There is a certain level of complete satisfaction in watching them explode. Not only is there total fulfillment in watching it splat, but everything leading up to the end explosion is equally fun. Liv loves just holding them. Who doesn't? That's got to be some kind of tactile therapy they can use in counseling. It just feels so fun to hold and wonder how hard you can squeeze before you soak yourself. Liv is a very calm water balloon handler. I forgot how thrilling water balloons can be until we had over some friends that have absolutely no interest in tea parties...
 I mean obviously the suspenseful thing to do is to see if it can fit in your mouth. If it's too big, the worst that can happen is you get hydrated and maybe swallow a piece of latex...
 We drew a target on the fence which soon disappeared from extreme soaking.
Liv's friend shared her conservative water balloon sentiments.
 Of course the water balloon afternoon concluded with otter pops, its the only appropriate way to close any summer activity.  My flavor preference are as follows:
1. Pink
2. Green
3. Red
4. Blue
5. Orange
Luckily Liv's color of choice is orange so we make a great summer team.

Happy Easter.

I have been looking at bosch mixers and vitamix blenders lately. Granted it's a little premature considering I'm at least a year away from purchasing either but I still like to look. One of the words I see when checking them out is "refurbished". I like the definition. It means: to restore to freshness of appearance or good condition;to brighten or improve.  I feel like having kids refurbishes all the holidays.  We do basically the same traditions every year but having kids make all the holidays seem refurbished, or restored to freshness and fun.  
When I was cleaning out one (of many) junk drawers I found an egg decorating kit. I thought it would be the perfect Saturday afternoon in July activity for Liv and I.
Needless to say, it was refurbished egg dying at its finest. She was completely fascinated. Captivated.
She was concentrating so hard on dying each egg (and her arm). I loved seeing her so astounded at the results. It was so fun to be with her doing something that she found so exciting.
I love refurbished holidays. Especially Easter in July.