Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My job....

 I feel like the last few weeks have been nothing but posts about Liv and Grace. It has not been intentional, it's just what happens when that is my life. I imagine if someone worked at Little Ceasars for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week they would probably have a few posts about pizza because that is what they do.  So try not to roll your eyes but I just have to say that I love my life as their mother.  I was filling out a survey the other day and when I had to check off which occupation I did it was interesting to check the "home maker" box. That's my job. To make where we live a home. I love the word home and I feel like it's a pretty big job. When I was a nurse I felt like it sounded a lot more impressive to be saving lives and involved in high pressure situations than to be looking up play dough recipe and finding the park with the best twisty slide but I'm starting to love this responsibility that comes in the form of two beautiful girls that are not my job, they are my life.

 We tried out a great play dough recipe this morning if you're interested...

Friday, July 12, 2013

Happy Five Months.

 I think I am going to keep taking one of these pics every single month for the next 18 years of Grace's life. Can you imagine how ridiculously funny and wasteful that would be? Consistency is not my strong point but so far I'm 5 for 5 on taking this pinterestific photos. My question is, what the heck do I do with the collection when I'm done? A better question would be, why be done?
It could on for years, like the teacher who accidentally wore the same outfit on picture day two years in a row and then his wife challenged him to keep doing so we wore the exact same thing every picture day...for 40 years. Now that is impressive.
I love the 5 month mark because I feel like it officially ends the noodle neck, awkward, fragile feeling baby and they turn more into a solid chunk of baby that is bumbo approved.  Grace is still a pure delight in my life although I would give her a C+ or B- max on her napping skills during the day. I can't say that is all her fault since we are never home long enough to be on a calm soothing nap conducive schedule. Grace is a creature of adaptation and I am very thankful. 
She goes to garage sales, gardening, helps make dinner, and likes to be involved in whatever is going on.  She loves to be held or right next to people and if those conditions are met, she is extremely patient. 
She is extremely long suffering when it comes to Liv's love which can be very intense at times.  S
She is not a loud baby (thank goodness my genes for that are recessive in my children) but does smile and can mold into whatever position you choose as long as you are holding her. She's a holding addict and most of the time, I love that about her.

She has still not grasped the concept of food but we are working with her. That could have something to do with the fact that her options so far have been vomit consistency and flavor (who wants to eat pureed squash and quote "garden medley" unquote?)
 She is getting very good at letting Liv and I paint her nails. Her days consist of sucking on Sophie the giraffes ear, getting carted around to whatever summer activity is on the agenda, smiling, nursing, hanging out in the mothers lounge/outhouse on Sundays and rolling to whatever destination she desires.
I love she tolerates so much chaos. I love when she laughs. I love her awkward hair with the long strings in the front and the chemo bald spot on the sides. I love that I feel like she understands me. I love that she gets excited to see Liv even though she usually ends up getting body slammed. I love getting her from her nap and she gets so excited to be released from pack n' play prison that she kicks her legs and squeals like a piglet.  I love when she's tired and she lets me just kiss her cheeks and soak up her patient spirit. 
Grace is the greatest thing that could have happened to my life 5 months ago.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Too many summer photos....

Warning. You probably do not want to waste your time reading this post unless you are Liv and Grace's mother because it is basically a summer avalanche overload of photos.  I just feel like the days of summer are evaporating like a green otter pop on a hot side walk. Gar has been working nights and our days are so packed full with so much stereotypical summer goodness that I just want to put these photos down so I don't forget what summer 2013 has been like thus far. Summer is glorious. I love the sun. I love the long light warm nights that are perfect for walks and one more trip to the park. I love the smell of sun screen. I love that there is nothing to do all day but play.
It seems like no matter what activity we start, we always end up in the $9 cheap plastic pool in the back. Hence, the reason some are wearing sweet cargo shorts as swimming pants.  My favorite part of this photo is the fact that there is an entire chicken nugget stuffed in his mouth and the other two are modeling a gogurt and otter pop from the endless stash inside the freezer.  Both are excellent choices. 
I'm so grateful for the genius that invented the double stroller.
This summer has included some excellent Saturday garage sales. Including one where we sold a few things and inherited Kim's phenomenal yetti vest.
 Sometimes it's too early to get sweaty outside so we soak up the AC and work on our play dough snake rolling skills...
 Or have cupcake decorating class...
Or make up movie theater tickets with a food counter...

Or go to the Smith's for delicious Indian food followed by an outside obstacle course with  a grapefruit soccer game in the pool.

Some days we have to go to Chuck E. Cheese and do the dance dance revolution even if Liv refused to hug Chuck himself. I don't blame her. 

Of course it's important to visit the natural science and history museum so Liv keeps up her education. I feel that between the museum and sesame street she is getting all the academics she needs this summer.
Sometimes we get surprise summer visitors at our door like Grandpa and Grandma...

Splash parks with dessert is also a summer plus even though Liv is anti splashing anything or anybody including herself. I don't know why I keep bringing a towel for her when I am the only one who ever gets wet showing her how fun splash parks and pools can be...

 How can you not love slurpees and summer pajamas? Two major benefits of summer.

 Sometimes Grace does a great job during pool time of taking her morning nap under the lounge chair shade...
Speaking of pools, I think we would all do well to follow Liv's example and get a stylish swim cap...

We are total park rats to the max this summer. Parks deserve a blog post by themselves. I feel as though I am becoming a park connoisseur by trade since we spend a lot of time sliding down other kids germs and swinging until Liv is baking like a sweaty potato in the sun. 

Sam's club is another summer staple. Sometimes we go just for sample lunch and we don't know what's on the menu. Other times we enjoy the hot dog combo with the massive drink that we sip as we shop.  Sometimes Liv and Ash just feel like they are famous and in a parade....

Liv goes crazy for any trampoline she sees. She also takes watering the garden very seriously and insists on showing it to anyone that comes over.
Every day isn't complete without seeing these two faces. It's what we call essential to my life and will be forever. 

 Of course frozen yougart is one of the crowning jewels of summer existence. It's delicious every season of the year, but even better in the summer.
We've also had some sweet meals at resident dinners which are an excellent excuse to not have to cook anything. Sometimes cooking just seems like a waste of time. Ok, most of the time.

 I feel like I have never been more thankful for friends in any season of my life. With Garrett working like a Chinese boy in a sweat shop, I feel like Heavenly Father has gift wrapped amazing women to fill the long hours. I am so grateful for real friends.

Long live Summer.