Friday, September 20, 2013


I decided I want to start a new scrapbook of firsts.  I love firsts. The first time you try anything is always and forever a unique and irreplaceable experience. You can never re inact the first of anything because it will always be different and you will know what to expect so your reaction will never be the same. Think about it, some of the most memorable moments in life are firsts. That doesn't necessarily mean they are all positive magical feelings, but memorable.  Your first kiss, the first positive pregnancy test, the first time you tried wasabi, your first car, your first home, etc. etc.  Many things in life seem less memorable, simply because they happen so often that we forget the "first" affect.  Having children makes you stop and realize what a big deal things are because you are watching a mini human have a first EVERYTHING.  This week Liv had her first experience with an umbrella.
There is nothing magnificent about umbrellas. I hardly feel they have any "wow" factor at all until I saw how stunned Liv was at the entire concept. She sat outside the sliding glass door under her umbrella in complete amazement that she was dry while having all the perks of warm rain around her for a very very long time.
Liv also got her first library card this week. By the way the woman was giving her the information, you would have thought it was a temple recommend.  
Liv had her first sip of pop awhile ago and it was memorable for everyone. 

However, all first pale in comparison to this....
Boom baby. That's right. Put on your plastic jewel shoes because it be potty training time at the Seibolds....  If you have any advice, please feel free to call; or drop off your best carpet cleaner.

Liv the problem solver.

Liv's brain is reaching new levels of processing and it freaks my mother mind out.  When she was first born, it was the same as having a really high maintenance puppy that wasn't potty trained. Then she transformed into a pet parrot that would repeat phrases or words without any comprehension of what they meant. Now she is starting to think things through and attempt to solve her problem. For example, a few weeks ago she wanted to take a bath. I was busy feeding Grace so I yelled up to her that I would get her bath ready in a few minutes. When I came upstairs I saw this:
She had gotten a stool, filled the sink, and was taking her own bath (not to mention put on her usual bracelet assortment which she insists on wearing daily). Genius. I mean obviously the sink is just a mini tub.

I need to be careful to not use the phrase "get ready" because I made the mistake of telling Liv we needed to "get ready" to go to the park, I walked in to this. Obviously mascara is an important part of getting ready, and getting Grace ready as well. I scrubbed their faces but they definitely both had a little bit of a gothic going down the slide.

When Liv's friend Ashton came over I told them it was too cold to go outside so she brought me the following classy options for winter wear. They were a back yard fashion statement.

Whenever we go shopping I have to check Liv's backpack and the cart because she loves to "do shopping" and anything she feels we need she takes the liberty to add to our cart.

Last month I told Liv we were going to Arbys and to get ready. She came back with this:

Clearly, Arby's sounds like Barbies so what better way to prepare for a roast beef delight than stuffing your shirt with barbies?

I had to run upstairs to get something and left Liv with Grace. When I came down I saw this:

Liv obviously found a great place that I had never considered for fruit loop storage. She is prepared.

We have been attempting to potty train and Liv practices using toilet paper often so it will be an easy transition from wipes when the time arrives (you can see her penitent face since I obviously did not respond with enthusiasm when I saw the toilet)...

And just so Grace doesn't feel lonely, she makes sure to provide a baby next to her in the mornings...

So if you need any of your problems solved or feel the need to be better prepared... I recommend calling Liv.
(And yes, I did do her hair prior to this pic. No matter what it always ends up like this so don't judge).

Thursday, September 19, 2013

This is the place...

 Warning: this is an avalanche of photos about our week to Utah. I am 30 but I love going home more now than I ever have. I feel like the older I get, the more I love to go home and everything that entails.
 I didn't ask Liv to smile. This was her face when I turned around after we landed in Salt Lake and she was sitting in her carseat with the full light and knowledge that she was going to grandmas house.
Who wouldn't want to come to grandma's house? I woke up in the morning to this sight. My mom had made fresh peach parfaits for breakfast and set up a table IN the chicken/turkey/turtle pen so they could eat with the animals.  Think of it as breakfast at the petting zoo. Liv was delighted.

Who needs to pay for the zoo when you can have this going on in your backyard?

Liv loved that Aunt Liza was just a bedroom away and spent as much time as she could...

It's so fun to bring my girls home and watch the siblings that I love, love the people I love. 
You should feel slightly sad if you missed our first family poker night...
Or swinging time in the back yard.
 Grace was crying because she wished that she could be in the tub...

Or outside play time next to the great wall of sunflowers.

Liv loved grandma greats house.  This horse was a toy that my mom played on so technically Liv was rocking on some generational heritage at my grandmas...Long live Brownie the horse. 

We loved our duck fest feeding day at Em's house.

With plenty of cousin time and a bread making class...

We followed the craze and had a sisters outing to the new "Slurps" and we were not disappointed. 

Uncle Ben spent the night and we had a great time being around him and his dog food carrying muscles.
Liv was exhausted every night from playing all day and really wanted to have a sleepover with Liza and grandma.

 We loved craft time, lunch and going shopping with Aunt B.

 Liv reached expert level at gathering eggs with Grandma.
 It was non stop pretending.
And soaking up Aunt Liza.Who knew my girls would have a model for an aunt?
Liv loved grocery shopping and getting whatever she touched... 
Only at a Utah Garage sale can you find treasures like this for sale...

We will definitely be going back. I love home. I love all the things make home feel like home and even though I have my own home, it always feels like home to walk through the door because of the people that live there. As cheesy as red slipper Dorthy and her munchkin land were, there really is no place like home.