Sunday, August 19, 2012

Goodbye West Virginia...Forever.

I think de ja vu is so weird. There's de ja vu when you have no idea why you are feeling like you have been somewhere or done something before and then there is logical de ja vu where you know EXACTLY why you feel like you have been somewhere or something before...because you have.  The photo above is one year old. The only difference in the Penske truck we rented in June of this year is that Liv is no longer a noodle neck teradactyl shrieker 2 week old baby and G and I have both gained weight.

  After a week long voyage across the country we finally arrived at our new home in Aurora Colorado:
 After we wasted a good 4 trees signing a thillion papers, 2 dirty diapers and dinner at Panera Bread we were on our way:
G was so excited about owning the home that he was looking at the door instead of the camera.  As soon as we got there we just laid in the backyard grass, OUR grass and felt very mature.  The inside of our house still resembles a giant garage sale with boxes everywhere but we are slowly making progress.  We are ridiculously excited to be in Colorado. We have a guest room and no guests so anyone is welcome. We make good french toast.

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