Sunday, August 19, 2012

While we waited to move in...

We had 12 days before we could actually close and Garrett had to start residency and slept over at a residents home meaning Liv and I were homeless.  Luckily we are now a 58 minute plane ride to Zion so Liv and I stayed at the all inclusive petting zoo/homeade bread/family festivus and enjoyed every minute.
There is nothing I love more on Earth than family time. It was so fun to stare at Em's protruding belly, eat mom's best dinners, sit on the porch swing, and enjoy the visitors center of guests, friends, and families that walk right in without every knocking. I'm definitely not the only person who considers this a home.
Liv was an instant celebrity and fell asleep exhausted every night from so many animals, wagon rides, attention, and action.
The week would not have been complete without a class, "Whack a cracker" competition with the Korean foreign exchange students who were home as well as a new edition of "Toss the Tortilla on the Plate" championship:
If you have not played either of these games, you need to.  Not more than once, but at least that before you die.

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