Friday, January 11, 2013

Pre Christmas festivities...

As cheesy as it sounds, some songs are just true. The lyrics I appreciated in all the full veracity this year were, "There's no place like home for the holidays."  Since G had a crazy work schedule, Liv and I went a week early to soak up some Christmas cheer.  There's something with being family that fills apart of you that nothing else can.  Maybe its because the things that are weird and quirky about you don't seem as weird and quirky since you're surrounded by people with the exact same quirky DNA so it's not weird, it's normal.  Maybe its the fact that I wake up and love having pancakes already made and feeling like I'm a teenager being taken care of instead of the homemaker.  Maybe its the fact that I love staying up even though everyone is too tired to say anything valuable but no one wants to go to sleep because it just feels so happy to be in the same room.  Maybe its all that and a million other things that make home, feel like home even when that includes an emu in the backyard and an alligator in the basement. 
 Liv loves being home because she is a celebrity and has non stop stimulation.  I never knew my brother Jeff was so good at pretending fisher price animals until this Christmas.  That's just one of a gizillion things I don't know about him and love. 
Another thing I love being the fact that he and I went and got facials at the beauty school together and I couldn't stop laughing under my warm towel and face mask thinking about Jeff in the next room.
Liv loved all the attention and soaked it up like a cheap slipper from Walmart on the snowy sidewalk.  It's so fun as a mother to watch people you love, love your right hand woman and constant companion. 

It's so fun to wake up every morning feeling excited about the day ahead because you know no matter what it is going to be memorable.  There's nothing better than family time. Nothing.

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