Thursday, June 20, 2013

The best .58 cent summer investment...

Every day basically has the same components with a small margin of variation.  The day always includes otter pops, sun screen, turning on the AC when the sweat defies the deodorant, and dirty bare feet.  Last week we decided to spice up the classic pool activity when we spent .58 cents at the pet store and bought 4 live gold fish.  We let them live in the wild outside the Petco imprisonment where they were mauled and enjoyed by children. 
I realize I should probably go to jail or at least pay some sort of animal cruelty fine but it was well worth it.  It clearly stated on the tank, "Feeder fish" meaning their fate was simply to be ingested by a larger creature.  Obviously not the best destiny in fulfilling the measure of their creation so I think bringing fascination and summer afternoon joy to children was a much more fulfilling life for those fish who were willing to sacrifice in the name of summer fun. 

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