Thursday, June 20, 2013

Goodbye bassinet...

Hermit crabs are the ultimate pet for pet haters.  It's about as close as you can get to not having a pet and still saying that you are a pet owner.  It's basically a step above owning a plant and a step below a beta fish. I base this hierarchy upon the fact that you have to change the water for beta fish and I don't really even think I know what hermit crab poop even looks like. How does that even work when half your body is shoved in a shell? Seriously. What a weird animal. What does the bottom half of a hermit crab even look like anyway? All I know is that you have to make sure their shell is big enough or they look funny.  I thought of that this week when I realized that Grace looks like a hermit crab that has outgrown her bassinet shell...
This has been a problem because we only have one crib and so we were hoping that Liv would be in her toddler bed by the time Grace was ready to upgrade to the big crib. Unfortunately, the timing is not working out. At all. So before Grace started sleeping with her leg hanging over the side, we decided that this week it was time (ok, let's be honest, way past time) to move her out.
Before we made her graduation pomp and circumstance transfer to the pack n' play, Liv wanted another turn to be the baby. Who wouldn't when the bassinet plays soothing music, has crickets chirping, ocean waves crashing and a moving bear mobile, not to mention the whole contraption vibrates with the push of a button. Genius. By far one of my best garage sale treasure finds of all time for $3.00. 
Grace loves the pack and play and not feeling like a stuffed shelled hermit crab every night when she sleeps.  In case you were wondering what the bottom end of hermit crab looks like, check out the clear shell edition below: 
No wonder it probably prefers the colored shell.  There are some seasons or phases in life where you feel like it is time for a change, time for a crib upgrade if you will.  Nothing feels better than that change, especially when it is long overdue.

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