Friday, May 31, 2013

Thank you veterens...

As you can obviously see by Liv's dress, it was Memorial Day. A quote (I obviously don't know who said it so if it was you, please take credit) I like says, "Friends are family you choose."  I hate not being by family on holidays but I am learning to be so thankful for good friends, especially when there is a day to celebrate (ie Memorial Day).  
We went to "palm tree park" with some phenomenal families and did the traditional BBQ.
Liv wasn't feeling too good but she did love the tube and swings.  She is a swing addict. Ash was obviously enjoying his swing as well...
 You can't have a BBQ without hot dogs.  I love this little boy. Anytime someone is crying and he is around he says,  "I didn't even do ANYTHING!" Liv loves both these boys and they are good at tolerating her back.
These two are what I call the dynamic duo.  They are so opposite it is funny that they can ever coexist but that is what makes their friendship magical.  They have literally changed and blessed my life more than they will ever realize.
No, Stephen was not invited to this photo even though he invited himself....
 Even though Liv doesn't look excited, it was an exciting Memorial Day.  Good burgers, good park, good people. It was a memorable memorial day for all.

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  1. it was a fantastic day! so glad we could all celebrate together!