Thursday, August 1, 2013

One of summer's crowning jewels....

 Next to otter pops and sprinklers, I don't think anything is iconic for summer as the traditional water balloon.  There is a certain level of complete satisfaction in watching them explode. Not only is there total fulfillment in watching it splat, but everything leading up to the end explosion is equally fun. Liv loves just holding them. Who doesn't? That's got to be some kind of tactile therapy they can use in counseling. It just feels so fun to hold and wonder how hard you can squeeze before you soak yourself. Liv is a very calm water balloon handler. I forgot how thrilling water balloons can be until we had over some friends that have absolutely no interest in tea parties...
 I mean obviously the suspenseful thing to do is to see if it can fit in your mouth. If it's too big, the worst that can happen is you get hydrated and maybe swallow a piece of latex...
 We drew a target on the fence which soon disappeared from extreme soaking.
Liv's friend shared her conservative water balloon sentiments.
 Of course the water balloon afternoon concluded with otter pops, its the only appropriate way to close any summer activity.  My flavor preference are as follows:
1. Pink
2. Green
3. Red
4. Blue
5. Orange
Luckily Liv's color of choice is orange so we make a great summer team.

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