Friday, August 2, 2013

Art Time...

I love having all kinds of friends because every single friend brings a new dimension and color to your life that you never even knew existed.  We had a new family move in and I was so excited because of the fact that she had a 3 year old girl which is perfect for Liv (really the only common denominator you need to be friends when you are little is be close to the same age and have your moms like to hang out).  Jen is very real and very refreshing. She had the idea that we should take our kids to the contemporary art museum.  I didn't even know what that title meant but I was excited to do something besides push Liv on germy swings at the sweaty park so we loaded up in the van and off we went.
The fact that Liv is picking her nose outside this culturally enlightened edifice is a small indication of how far we have to go to teach the finer things in life...
There was a very cool secret door that was the entrance to the museum.
In case you don't live in Denver, don't like or even know what contemporary art is, I will take this opportunity to enlighten you.
And perhaps you could then enlighten me because I was feeling as cultured as reinforced concrete when I looked at this particular piece of work. 
Liv and Lucy soaked it all in even though Liv kept asking to see the lions. 
I had no idea that petrified silly putty could be so interesting.  This was Liv's favorite.
Grace appreciated the exhibit when she was released from her stroller.
Even though I am not an experienced appreciator of art, I am an appreciator of Jen and exposing me to new things...

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