Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Beauty from within...and without.

Hair is a big deal. Unless you don't have it and then it is not a problem. It's a relationship that is similar to dating because you have a lot of trust in the person who you commit your hair follicles to. Sometimes you stay with the hairdresser in a relationship that is not good but because you can't find anyone else you want to commit to. Sometimes it is too risky to have to break up with your old hairdresser to go back to a first date basis with someone who doesn't know your hair desires or vision at all.  Girl hair is especially complicated. It's complicated because usually what you imagine yourself looking like in your brain is always a little different than what you walk out looking like in reality.  The best hair dressers make it so that difference stays "a little" in the discrepancy and not a massive irreparable chasm. Because we moved it was my first date/appointment with a new hairdresser.  Let me take you on a little tour of my brain to show you what I was expecting and what I showed the new replacement/rebound:

 This coloring (obviously my brain knows I'm not going to walk out with Pantene Pro V locks of lusciousness) With this cut:
Well. I did my job and sat there very patiently while my head started to look like a baked potato in the microwave and anxiously anticipated my flowing new color with swoopy side bangs that would not look momish in the slightest....
Everything was going great in my brain hair files.  I was anticipating the swoopy bangs being a little shorter since the new lady did not use scissors...she pulled out a razor. I felt a little nervous but I was trying to be trusting. Until I looked in the mirror and saw this:

The cut was so uneven that I put it in a pony tail but even if you have not been to beauty school, it is not very hard to assess that this is not beauty (Yes, beauty comes from within but in this scenario, the beauty on the out was making it hard for me to feel beauty anywhere).  If you are wondering why I felt a bit disgruntled, you may look at the above pictures that I showed her and then you will see why I have that facial expression. 

I will not be posting pictures for awhile. I will be sitting in my tower like Quasimodo waiting for my bangs to grow.  Lesson learned, never break up with your hairdresser, even if it is a long distance relationship.

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  1. Oh my gosh, Chelsey, I am laughing so hard! Only because I had the same experience when we first moved to AF....maybe we went to the same hair dresser :). I had a butched gothic look, I cried and haven't cut my hair since, only trim because I am still scarred from that hair cut/ color.