Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Weekly highlights...

Real Christmas trees. Who knew? I have a firm testimony of fake trees but I married a man who has a deep abiding vision of us with an axe in the freshly fallen snow chopping down our tree together.  I couldn't quite make the leap from fake tree to the woods with coyotes howling this year so we ended up at a tree lot.  The girls look miserable but they loved it. Liv brought a dollar with her and gave it to the man to buy our tree. He said it cost $42 and she said, "Well then count that dollar and see if it's 42!"  I love her brain. 
This needs to stop.  The first time she did it was funny. Maybe funny. This was the third day in a row and it was no longer funny.  In case you were wondering, vaseline in hair is like nasty slime and it doesn't come out unless you use cornmeal.  Cornmeal baths are weird. Vaseline is a mess. I also think petroleum jelly is one of the most awkward words in the English language. Right up there with puberty and moist. 
The girls and I may or may not have a secret weekly habit of getting a lottery ticket. I let Liv pick it and Grace gets it out. It's a family activity...ok its a girls activity that Gar has no idea about, but when we win big we will let him in on it. 
We have a lot of  "You know you're in Idaho when..." moments but this was a fun one.  We love our friend LeeAnn and the fact that she has horses rocks Liv's world.
If you don't have a 3 year old this Christmas, you need to adopt one. It is more than magical. Every night they read books by the tree and I love how much she loves every single thing about this season.
If I ever want to make Liv's day, I don't buy her a new barbie or take her to the zoo...all I have to do is give her an entire roll of tape and there's nothing better.  This was one of those days. Who doesn't want a tape wand? 
For $6.99 each I thought it was a pretty good deal. I wouldn't want a 12 pack of children, just these two for now. They are my life.

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