Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Thanksgiving. If you asked me to make stuffing and I turkey I would just awkwardly stare at you because I have never made either, nor have I ever had the need to make them because we rotate going to my house or Garrett's house every year....and it's dreamy.  The longer I don't live right by my family the more I treasure every single dang second and hate how quickly the time seems to evaporate when we are together. This year was no exception.  I love being with my family. They are my people. There is no feeling on earth like walking in the door to your own home and seeing your own species, your people. Em and Nick recently moved to Arizona so they said they were not going to be able to come.  I could have not been more delighted than when this sight walked through the door at 11 pm:
It was complete. All the siblings in all their glory were having a sleepover just like the old days (plus spouses and offspring).

We took the girls to the Bean museum and I bought them all bouncy balls. The bean museum has a massive elevator (I imagine to accommodate transporting large dead stuffed animals) which made for a great place to bounce as many balls as you could everywhere in the elevator box. It was just as fabulous as I was hoping it would be.
Since we probably won't be going to Africa anytime soon I thought the Bean museum lion display would be a great place to expose our children to the animals. McKall disagreed.

Garret and I won the $20 at the annual family bow and arrow/bb gun shooting contest in the backyard.  Our pilgrim ancestors would have been oh so proud...

Unfortunately our bowling skills were not as sharp as our archery skills and we miserably lost the bowling challenge. 
There is no Thanksgiving at the Savio house without the usual Indian name headbands to eat the feast with. This year was no exception. The day after we lurped around, played Settlers of Catan, ate on a glutenous level of consumption, visited Gram in Provo, went to Swig, visited the reindeer at Thanksgiving point, shopped, went to the discovery museum, talked and laughed until our contacts were dried to our eyeballs and it was so late it was irresponsible when you have children but nobody cared because it was well worth every minute.

I always see those cheesy Deseret Book quotes that say, "Family is everything", but even if I don't buy them stitched on a pillow or framed for $29.95, I honestly believe that. The older I get, the truer it is. 

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