Friday, September 20, 2013

Liv the problem solver.

Liv's brain is reaching new levels of processing and it freaks my mother mind out.  When she was first born, it was the same as having a really high maintenance puppy that wasn't potty trained. Then she transformed into a pet parrot that would repeat phrases or words without any comprehension of what they meant. Now she is starting to think things through and attempt to solve her problem. For example, a few weeks ago she wanted to take a bath. I was busy feeding Grace so I yelled up to her that I would get her bath ready in a few minutes. When I came upstairs I saw this:
She had gotten a stool, filled the sink, and was taking her own bath (not to mention put on her usual bracelet assortment which she insists on wearing daily). Genius. I mean obviously the sink is just a mini tub.

I need to be careful to not use the phrase "get ready" because I made the mistake of telling Liv we needed to "get ready" to go to the park, I walked in to this. Obviously mascara is an important part of getting ready, and getting Grace ready as well. I scrubbed their faces but they definitely both had a little bit of a gothic going down the slide.

When Liv's friend Ashton came over I told them it was too cold to go outside so she brought me the following classy options for winter wear. They were a back yard fashion statement.

Whenever we go shopping I have to check Liv's backpack and the cart because she loves to "do shopping" and anything she feels we need she takes the liberty to add to our cart.

Last month I told Liv we were going to Arbys and to get ready. She came back with this:

Clearly, Arby's sounds like Barbies so what better way to prepare for a roast beef delight than stuffing your shirt with barbies?

I had to run upstairs to get something and left Liv with Grace. When I came down I saw this:

Liv obviously found a great place that I had never considered for fruit loop storage. She is prepared.

We have been attempting to potty train and Liv practices using toilet paper often so it will be an easy transition from wipes when the time arrives (you can see her penitent face since I obviously did not respond with enthusiasm when I saw the toilet)...

And just so Grace doesn't feel lonely, she makes sure to provide a baby next to her in the mornings...

So if you need any of your problems solved or feel the need to be better prepared... I recommend calling Liv.
(And yes, I did do her hair prior to this pic. No matter what it always ends up like this so don't judge).

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