Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tennis time.

I am not athletic. I want to be athletic. In my mind I am very athletic and my arms don't jiggle at all.  In reality, everything jiggles and I look awkward if I even run. It's the truth. It's pitiful but oh so true. I have always secretly wanted to be good at tennis. So when I signed up for some cheap community lessons last month that just met on Saturday morning I decided to make my secret a reality. Well, it became even more real when in the whole city of Aurora I was the ONLY person to sign up so I ended up having private lessons with a hip fit very athletic coach named Yadi.  I still look ridiculous when I try to be athletic but I loved the lessons. I am not used to running as you can see clearly by my sweating red face.
So we decided on Saturday to have a little tennis date and play doubles with our friends Matt and Amelia. It was actually a triple date since Liv and Grace joined us on the sidelines.  While we played, they ate enough Gerber puffs to constipate them both but it was well worth it.
My doubles partner. Basically my partner in everything, but on this particular day it was tennis.
Gar is athletic so the fact that he married someone from the non athletic species requires a lot of patience on his part. He does a fantastic job with not comparing me to Venus Williams and making me feel like a champion when it goes over the net.
All bad shots were forgotten when we left the court to dine at Garbonzos which is my number one favorite restaurant at present. Who knew bean balls called falafels could be so divine? If you come, I will personally take you because everyone needs to experience the Mediterranean goodness.
If it looks weird to you, don't be alarmed, that is normal. But once you taste it, your dietary life will be changed forever.

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