Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kay time!

Have you ever eaten something so delicious that you can't stop talking about it and you want everyone to eat there too? That's a little bit how I feel about knowing Kay Thurman. She's one of those women that once you have her in your life, you never want her to leave and you want everyone you know, to know her too so they can experience the joy. I was excited for Grace to meet her even though all she remembers is when its time to eat.  I met Kay working as a seminary teacher and I plan on being her friend forever. When I was pregnant and teaching, I would lay on the floor like a bloated wildabeest in between classes because I was so nauseous and uncomfortable and she would come and sit on my floor with me and make me laugh so hard and then let me share whatever I wanted from my unedited heart. I love her and I will always love her.  I have eaten more snow cones with her in the summer than any other human. She filled in all my rolls and grades so I could go on vacation. She decorated little brownie bites for my reception. She makes my life good and is one of those soul friends that you can tell anything to.
So when she came to Denver we were excited to be around her again. We had Panera bread to celebrate and she bought Liv her own sugar cookie.
Everyone needs Kay Thurman in their life. I'm so grateful I have her as my friend forever.

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