Sunday, September 15, 2013

Michigan recap...

I am having blog bog which means that I have not blogged in so long that to try and recap would be annoying for anyone bored enough to be reading this and frustrating for me to try to write it all down. I'm not joking when I say that I flipped the calendar from July to September and missed August all together.  We spent the first week at the Michigan family reunion and it was delightful. I honestly feel like I scored when it comes to the in law aspect of my life. My siblings on my grafted Seibold family tree are some of the greatest people I know.
The worst part of the trip was the arriving. Children are not meant to travel and I was highly tempted to use the "religious reflections room" at the Detroit airport.  I mean, I know travel can get stressful but who knew they had this special room? If I hadn't been so excited to get out of the airport, I would have gone just to see. I wonder if you have to use your flight ticket as a recommend...
Liv's dilated eyes were constant as she loved being around uncles. With 6 uncles all around, there was no lack of attention.
Grace tried out nursing on Grandpa's arm but it wasn't as fulfilling as she hoped. Grandpa is actually really good at playing and Liv loved him.

 Every night one sibling was in charge of the activity and dinner so we had quite the variety to participate. Monday night we went to Whirly ball which is like basketball/lacrosse/bumper cars all mixed into one.

Of course we had a family golf outing with mandatory participation. I am proud to say that Brock and I were a team and took first in the family.
The family kick ball game was put on hold for a snake charmer show while Tanner dazzled the cousins with the serpent. 

While the boys golfed 27 holes (yes 27) the girls went to the Detroit zoo. I felt like we were a parade stroller and I'm pretty sure we added at least 2 years on to Bethany's desire for children but it was a good time with all the sweating animals.

We had euchre tournaments, four square championships, citadels, and a speed bracket with desserts every night. For every activity you won, you got a point which was then totaled at the end of the week for free dinner at Bonefish grill.  I did not do well in any of the games but I did enjoy the homeade oreo blizzards, cinnamon life cereal, cheesecake and other nightly treats.

One night the game was ultimate spoons with all the spoons hidden in the bottom of the pool  The other fame was called 7 steps which is not as popular as hide and seek but definitely more fun.

For girls day Kerry wanted us to go shooting so we felt like Annie Oakly and went to the range.  Following that we went to the mall, ate at a Mexican restaurant, ate chocolate covered bacon and a rocky mountain chocolate apple and talked. 

One day we went to the beach and Liv had her first tubing experience. She was a fan. We had our annual sister tube run and enjoyed the sun.

 We had a smores in the back yard with Kody leading a family "one bottle a pop" song.

 We had plenty of pool time in the back yard.

And a late night slurpee run with 7-11 doughnuts...

 Cousin time.
 Dinner time.
 A nerdy game we love.
 Grace loves Gramps.
 Savannah's eyes shows her feelings about the cousin bath house...
 Hanging out with Aunt Ker, the motherhood master.
 I'm so grateful that I get to be with these people. There's still 3 spots available to become a Seibold so if you're female, can tolerate golf, and love some good humans in your life forever, I highly recommend it...


  1. Looks like it was a great family reunion, I am glad you guys had fun!

  2. I love all your pictures... It was fun to look at them and remember how much fun it was having you here for a week. Kerry did a good job with the family picture with what she had to work with, although it kinda looks like Kody is my husband...haha. Anyway, thanks for posting these. Miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!