Monday, January 5, 2015

24 hours in the promised land of twinkling lights....

We are playing SLC tic tac toe because we have gone there three weekends in a row.  But when two of your favorite people that you are related to beat the Mormon odds and get the tickets to the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas concert with the chances being one in a jigazillion, it's well worth another trip.  We only went down for the one night and it was 5 stars.  
My family was passing through on their way to Salmon Idaho so we made German pancakes. I doubled the recipe assuming we would have leftovers.  What I neglected was the fact that my brother eats the same as 4 ox and the pancakes were gone before it even felt like a breakfast appetizer so we followed up with some hearty eggs all around. Liza decided she didn't want to make the trek to Salmon since there is no phone reception so she opted for a roadtrip back to Utah with us...
Liv always appreciates some back seat company. Anyone with a van knows that getting to the back seat feels the same as trying to put on your hip flare jeans from 7th grade. It's quite a squeeze but Liza didn't mind.

Not living in a booming metropolis makes you appreciate luxuries like Target so we took our time driving down and soaking up all the magical wonders that the red cart store had to offer (Photo taken by Liv). 
Beth and Brian are two human beings that we wouldn't want to be on a family tree without.  This trip only validated our deep devotion to our classy siblings. We made a goal to hang out at least once a month in 2015. I think that is one of the only goals I will be adamant about fulfilling. We went to a restaurant that was as close to Italy as I will probably ever get. Hopefully the pizza will help my bangs to grow out faster...
 The conference center even personalized the security metal detectors. I thought it was a really thoughtful thing to do.

We went to City Creek, walked around Salt Lake and did the classic temple square lights gig like we were first timers.  The program was fabulous. The company was enjoyable. The food was divine. It was an unforgettable and well worthwhile 24 hours.

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