Monday, January 5, 2015

Nap lessons.

By the time you are 75, they say that the average person has slept over 23 years.  I would agree that ratio was true over family vacation. I am personally not a nap taker. Whenever I take a nap I wake up not knowing what year it is and feeling like I'm coming out of surgery.  The Seibold family is very good a taking naps.  Not the kind of nap where you get a blanket, go to your room and set an alarm type of nap, but a one minute they are playing a game or talking and the next minute BAM the eyes are shut and the mouth is wide open like a venus fly trap and they are gone until they resurrect type of nap.  The fact that we stayed up far too late and the kids woke everyone up far too early did not help the cause. I finally started documenting all the couch narcolepsy and wish to share this goodness with the public so they can expand their nap horizons. Some naps happened in the vehicle:

(The sucker was my last defense to keep Grace awake so she would nap at home. I'd rather deal with cavities than a grumpy not fully napped child any day.  Hudson is modeling the hood on nap approach. It's important to preserve as much body heat as possible while napping. Liv on the other hand is showing the broken neck position which one must resort to when in an uncomfortable booster seat)

Hand placement is critical to the classification of the nap. I call this first one the patriotic headache:
Bruce obviously enjoys the hand over his heart position and one elevated because he did a repeat the next day:

This one is entitled, "The thinking woman":

If you tend to sweat while you sleep, it is wise to keep a towel or blanket nearby:

Brian is modeling for us the phrase, "The children were nestled all snug in their beds" with his hands intertwined and curled oh so preciously under his angelic face.

Tanner has chosen to nap in the Chinese half bow position. It is a nap that for dynasties has represented respect and honor to the family.

Some people "Multi task nap", for example, Esther shows how one can be reading one minute and napping the next.

 If you are worried about losing your phone, you may want to adopt the "phone clasp" method utilized by Dylan. Remember, champions never back down from naps:

Some people are so proud of their muscles, they like to nap while holding on to their bulging bicep...

One of the most important things you can do during a nap is keep your lips closed so they maintain hydration.  Below is an example of two individuals who woke up with dry mouths. Keeping your mouth in the ajar positioned is not advised unless your nose is full of snot:

Just as killer whales swim in pods, and cows stay in a herd, some people in Seibold family enjoy napping unity and sharing the activity with others. Sometimes there are more people asleep in a room than awake. Oberve:
The mother/daughter nap is always a bonding experience and comes recommended by psychologists everywhere:

 Couples always look romantic in their engagement photos or on their honeymoon, but there is nothing more romantic than a couple that has taken their love to the next level and nap with their lover.  If your love life is lacking that extra spark, it may be smart to take note of these positions:

 (Taylor is modeling the classic "Chicken wing" on the left nap position with his right hand in claw position on his beautiful bride.)

 (Even in his sleep, it was not surprising that Brock supports the game)

 And the grand finale, although not recommended for adults in public, is what we call the bare booty nap demonstrated by Brighton Seibold:

Hopefully this education post has been helpful in expanding your nap possibilities in the future.  If you have any questions, just find the Seibolds and the couch and someone most likely will be giving nap lessons for your observation and viewing pleasure.

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