Monday, January 5, 2015

Seibold Style Family Christmas...

Some people tolerate their in laws like they do baking soda in their know it's probably good for you although, not pleasant or something to look forward to.  I have no such baking soda toothpaste feelings.  I hit the in law jack pot.  I mean, marrying Garrett was the best scam I've ever pulled, but the bonus is that all his siblings are some of my favorite people on this planet.  In case you don't know them, let me show you what you missed...
 In case you were curious, passenger's legs also transform into a diaper changing table at 70 mph. The more you know.
The girls passed out from excitement and eager anticipation on our trip down...
What better way to kick of the trip than a trip to Wally's palace? It would be one of about 19 trips there over the course of our extended stay.
Kerry always gets so excited when I come.  When you have a model for a sister in law it's important to document all less than model like faces for posterity.
Uncle Tay was the equivalent of Chuck E Cheese and provided hours of entertainment for the kid club.
Christmas eve was a hit with a program, a "talent" show (and I use the word talent loosely here), and a white elephant gift exchange.
Sharky remained preserved as the ultimate gift and made her way to Bruce for a safe haven....until the next gift exchange in 2016. Hopefully she will last that long. Her eyeball is creepy.

The shock factor game was a new introduction which the girls were not to anxious to play and Tanner took home the prize with the basketball glasses all time high score. 

Liv really hated Christmas morning....

Kody does an accurate depiction of the internal Christmas morning emotion (Seibolds are all very proficient about internal emotional expression, any external displays of excessive emotion or expression are as rare as a warm Michigan winter).  Everyone was obviously very good because there were gifts galore.
Followed by the ever classic, legendary Seibold tradition rounds and rounds breakfast. Don't even consider in your wildest breakfast dreams calling these pancakes. They are in an completely different phylum.  Just ask.

The male dominated Seibold society looked precious in their matching pajamas.
Frozen was well represented by each female family member of the next generation.
The rest of the days were spent swimming in undiluted holiday cheer and family festivus with a casserole of childrens museums, snowmobiling, crater playing, jumpoline action, games galore, swimming, lurping around, shopping,  gun shooting, wii, football watching, and talking (with minimal sharing of feelings of course).

 Dyl's moustache is always classy.
 Kneaders dessert night. 2 of the greatest grafted branches on the family tree...

 After shattering the glass table jewelry display at the front of the store...

 Sugar Plum fairies unleashed...

 Shop fest.

 Late night Wendy's date. Traditions must be observed and all times and in all things and in all places.

 I will never celebrate a holiday without Chinese lanterns again. Where have I been? The Chinese think of everything good... food, nintendo and now these babies.

 Tay doesn't like to put his arms around Kerry if she is wearing a snuggie...

There's nothing more to say other than if you weren't in Heber City with the Seibolds for Christmas, you missed out. Big time. There are still 3 single Seibold men left which are the last three golden tickets to get in this family so don't miss your chance of a lifetime.  I love Christmas and I love family so the it was the perfect combo meal for "the most wonderful time of the year". 

This is how I felt when it ended.

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