Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The best room at the chuch.

There is a secret room in all churches that I now have an elite membership to. It's better than the Costco gold card.  I have access to what is titled and even has a name plate to a magical place called "The Mother's Lounge."  Seeing as we have been traveling, I have learned that not all Mother's Lounges are created equal.  The 2 star low scale ones don't have a diaper genie making it a small room that smells like a baby outhouse and an unpleasant place to "lounge" around while everyone is sitting on hard cold metal chairs listening to lessons while you enjoy the rocking chair and recliner.  The Michigan mother's lounge was a 4 star because it has 2 rocking chairs and free wipes under the changing table with a sink.  Not bad accommodations.  The one in Bluefield actually has a play pen but the rocking chair is made out of that plastic table cloth stuff you use for cheap campouts as that you can spill anything on which would cause me to give it 3 stars. I've noticed that there's quite a bond between the lounge members.  You get to know the same women who have babies on your same nursing shift.  I've noticed there's more of them when a speaker is especially boring. It's fascinating to me how so many women suddenly find the need to take their babies to the lounge during Sunday School.  Interesting.  Personally, there's a little room for some lounge improvement.  Besides having the stinky can o' dirty diapers and the same DI cracked changing table, I think we should have a small vending machine for free, or at least a little fridge with water bottles.  Hydration is critical for successful lactation.  It wouldn't cost much to put in a little table with church magazines either or a webcam so you could still be apart of whatever meeting you were missing. Anyway, the point of all this useless blabbing is only to have an excuse to post this darling picture of Liv which was taken in the mother's lounge on Sunday.  I thought she could use a good photo shoot on the changing table and every time I look at this pic, I just want to kiss her cheeks. For those of you who have never been allowed access to the mother's lounge, this may be the closest you get.  This is exclusive inside footage of an authentic mothers lounge changing table. Soak it up:


  1. So I just have to say the mother's lounge at my church in Merced is in the same space as the BATHROOM. As in...while you nurse your child, your child is lulled to sleep by the sound of pee in the background- or worse. I'm so thankful I've not had to use the mother's lounge yet, but when we do have an infant, you better believe I WILL nurse my child in public to avoid the bathroom/mother's lounge combo.

  2. I see Savio is her. I really do.