Thursday, August 4, 2011

Romantic Dates....

When G and I were engaged so very long ago (a measly 16 months) I remember getting so stressed about looking my best. I remember doing crunches before bed lest a love handle creep in and suction to my side and my fiancee become repulsed and all dreams of becoming Chelsey Seibold be dashed eternally.  Not wearing mascara was not an option and I kept a little bottle of perfume, lip gloss and gum in my car and would have a 20 second pep up so I would look extra fresh for our romantic dates that we would elaborately plan and carry out.  It usually involved a bolus of creativity, visiting somewhere exciting and eating something extravagant. I mean the photo below is clearly how G and I look every day as we sweat in the humidity...not.   
Well, G and I wanted to go on a little date Tuesday night so we looked up this fun ice cream shop in the next town and found a fun little historic place one of the natives had told us about.  Well this was an occasion and called for me putting on my best (meaning replacing sweat pants with normal pants and brushing my teeth).  We got in the car and Liv started doing what she does best:
Then we looked at realized that we were almost out of gas and needed to fill up.  By the time we got to the gas station, we realized that there wasn't enough time for Gar to study, plus the shrieking child who has an incredible stamina had not lost her fervor so we settled for going to DQ which is 2.2 miles from our front door and going home.  Nothing like a romantic getaway to the shell gas station and a dilly bar to bring a scandalous spark to an ordinary Tuesday night.  G and I are now proud members of the blizzard club which gives us buy one get one free coupons and we recommend it.

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