Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lemonade Lovin in the future culdesac...

Today I went to Kroger. Kroger is the eastern equivalent of Harmons or Smiths. Kind of like Mr. Krogers Christmas but a grocery store. It's the place Liv and I go most frequently on our field trips out of the house.  When I was outside in the humid heat there was a lemonade stand which would be cute except there were no little kids selling, just adults wearing official "Bluefield Lemonade Committee" t shirts. Real professional printed T shirts. Not puff paints.  (There are few things as ugly as puff paints, it's about in the same category as people who spray paint their cars or shoulder pads on prom dresses that should have never been born).  I was fascinated that these adults were having a lemonade stand. I knew the economy was bad in bluefield and the mean income is $25,000 but adult lemonade stands...this was a new extreme.
The lady handed me a cup as I walked in the store and I didn't really know what to do because I would feel really dumb giving a grown adult a quarter.  Then I read the sign and learned that in Bluefield West Virginia it is known as "America's natural air conditioned city" and any time the temp is over 90, the entire city gets free lemonade.  Free. Cup included. What a place. I don't understand why I get free lemonade for something I have no control over but I like the concept.  I think there should be a little more of the Bluefield spirit in the rest of the country.

I just finished throwing away an entire pan of marshmellow brownies. I was trying to make the image you see above. What I made doesn't deserve a picture.  They burned. Bad. How can you tell if brownies are burning because they are already brown to begin with? Dumb. I don't even like brownies. But I do like Liv so I am posting a pic in her honor because she took her longest nap of her whole existence today.  That is a miracle.  Liv does not like naps. I love Liv. I love naps. I especially love when Liv naps so today was a great breakthrough.  Hopefully a tradition we can turn into a habit.

She's so cute even though she has balding old man hair with culdesacs.  I love culdesacs and I used to be jealous as a girl of Lauren McEuen because she lived in a culdesac and we didn't.  You know how the scriptures teach that their will be a mansion prepared in heaven for the righteous?  Well, I don't care how cool the mansion is, what I'm interested in more is celestial culdesacs.  I always plan who I want Gar and I to live by for the rest of eternity.  A mansion would be boring if there were no fun people to share it with.  I think Abraham Lincoln would be a good neighbor, he would definitely return anything he borrowed (except I hope he gets a new wife because Mary Todd seems a little much), I also think Amelia Earhart would be a fun neighbor, Douglas Whitney, Kay, my third grade teacher Mrs. Glenn, in addition to family, and old friends that I haven't seen in awhile but would never want lose, they belong in the dream team culdesac as well.

Just picture it.  Heaven wouldn't be heaven if you just end up living on a sweet mansion swimming in your pool on an isolated cloud of real estate with just the two of you.  The celestial culdesacs are going to be the best city planning of all eternity.  The ultimate neighbors all the time.  Imagine having a trunk or treat with the best of the best, Einstein, your favorite friend from 1st grade, Mother Teresa, Michael Jordan, everyone.  There will definitely need to be good golf green for Nick, Garrett and the bros that is close by, maybe shared by the entire culdesac.  I can't wait. I love having neighbors.  They're not only good for borrowing things, but its a great relationship- a step above facebook, less obligatory than friends, and save on gas if you do think they're cool.  Our neighbors here are a garden variety.  The family two doors down belongs on Jerry Springer.  Next door is man named Bryce with a beard that would not keep his face warm in the cold, it's actually more like an extended soul patch, who works on the railroad and has a dog that he walks almost as often as Liv and I go for walks.  Next to them is Steve and Angie who pick blackberries and make us a dessert that we don't like but we act like we do.  They also have a dog.  I think everyone around here has a little dog.  It's basically the same thing as a baby because everyone is always feeding it, bathing it and taking it on walks.  That's pretty much what Liv and I do all day. I suppose we could have bought a little dog awhile ago.  I'm so glad we have her instead.

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