Thursday, August 11, 2011

Helen Keller and the flower child....

Ok. First item of todays business.  I saw a car that reminded me of my brother Tay.  Lots of things remind me of Tay, specifically anything from the reptile phylum.

It's so funny how when you love someone, so many things remind of you of them or there are certain jokes that you know they would laugh at or a certain dish at a restaurant they would love.  My favorite blind and deaf person, Helen Keller said, "That which we once enjoyed and loved we can never lose; all that we love deeply becomes apart of us."    That's true.  I don't need to stalk everyone's facebook status updates to remember and think of you because once a memory is made it is stored in the social food storage of my mind and I visit that food storage often, sometimes just in the simple acts of being alive on ordinary days. Chocolate milk always reminds me of my Grandpa Harris. Buttermints with those little white beads on the bottom remind me of my mom because anytime we would go to the grocery store she would let me go to the bulk section and pick out 6, one of each color (pink, green, yellow) for both of us and then we would suck on them on the way home in the red van.  Obsession Cologne reminds me of my dad. There's this little stream by our house and it smells just like my first area on my mission and every time Liv and I walk past I feel like I have my name tag on again and can literally feel the lice, rice, and power of how it felt to be a missionary all over. Squeeze-its, bunk beds, and Super Mario Bros reminds me of waiting up with Em and Mike until midnight on Sunday so we could play on our little post it note size TV in the basement with the bearskin under it.

Gummy worms, U2 and togas always remind me of Amy James. Tuna fish reminds me of a girl named Emily Overman in 1st grade whose mom would make the best tuna sandwiches and I would trade almost anything for one. Honey roasted peanuts always remind me of sitting after school at the table with my friend Sundy.  "I saw Three Ships" reminds me of the first date G took me on because it was playing in the car and anytime I hear that song I get nervous all over again. Jones Sodas always remind me of my brother Jeff, especially the blue ones.

Rootbeer jellybellies remind me of working at Goodies Galore with Cami Henderson and singing "Saturday's Warrior" and other musicals every night when we would close. Snow cones, especially raspberry ones remind me of Kay. Every time I pass Rue 21 I think of Eliza.  Coconut cream bars always remind me of my aunt Karen and living in Seattle.  The list goes on.  We have that Helen Keller quote by our front door because I love it.  I love that miles or time cannot separate relationships that really matter.

In closing I am including some pics of Liv.  You may wonder why she has a massive flower growing out of her head.  I have found it necessary to have her wear headbands or plants coming out of her brain when we go in public or everyone comments on what a cute baby HE is.  Ok, just because my child is balding and looks exactly like her father does not diminish her femininity in any way but lest there be any question, I have started using these items:


  1. Just don't give her a pixie cut, Chel. I had one of those until I was 9. I remember wearing my floral blue dress, standing next to my dad, when one of his army buddies asked, "what's his name?", and his reply "Sundy" didn't really clarify.

    She's growing up, losing that new born raisin quality. Beautiful, beautiful baby girl.

  2. Well I want you to know that you have definitely made the President's and my day. We have laughed and chuckled out loud reading all of your postings on your blog. You are a talented writer and see the world through such wonderful eyes. Keep enjoying life like you do and brightening others lives and know that we love you and yours dearly. I think you made the right choice on baby names. It is perfect as you are. Hugs to all!!!