Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Goodbye Bread Dough Bod.

Don't worry. The pic posted above is not Garrett but since West Virginia takes 3rd place for the most obese people in the United States, we are doing something about it so we don't take home a little WV with us when we leave this place.  Anyone that has had a baby knows that long after the child is born, there is a remaining souvenir from the ordeal in the form of a nice flabby pooch.  I'm not saying I was a bikini model with a 6 pack prior to the pregnancy but I do feel like I am a snowman made out of bread dough with a head since the delivery.  SO, the antidote to this problem involves our new fine fit friend Tony Horton. For those of you who have never met the machine may I introduce you to the program called P90x:
We started yesterday.  And by started I mean we started,  right.  I guess I should have expected that when my husbando G fitness became involved.  We took our "before pics" or what Tony calls our "goodbye pics", bought protein powder and bars that taste like sawdust bird food with waxy brown on top and then labeled a huge misnomer by calling them yummy things like, "Peanut butter chocolate crunch".  Like I'm not going to notice on my first bite that this is not a reeses peanut butter cup.  I've come a long way.  Before Garrett I had never been inside a gym.  The first time we went while we were engaged at 5 am I went to the girls bathroom and fell asleep. Anyway, don't be intimidated because I couldn't even finish the first video but never fear, I'll meet Tony with his glistening muscles again tomorrow morning while Liv sits in her swing.  We tried to go off sugar for a week last month and I ended up licking the "Life" cereal squares.  Hopefully this will prove a little more successful for me.
For the record, she's way worth the pooch. Way.

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  1. Wow! P90X? You are the "go big or go home" type! I'll stick with my Jillian Michael's 30 day shred over here. Best of luck to you! I hear it's killer.