Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Farm Day at the Bishops....

Welcome to little house on the prarie 2011.   Bishop Boone is 30 and his wife is 28 and they are some of the most unselfish consecrated people I have ever met.  They invited us to their house on Friday so Liv and I drove with April and her offspring for a long time until we finally arrived in a town called Bastian.  I saw two houses- the Boons and her parents who live across the river and road.  I asked why there were no neighbors and found out that they own 80 acres and their parents own 300 so basically the entire town of Bastian would more appropriately be named Boontown. It is such a different life here but I love it.  There is no air conditioning because the house was build before that even existed.
Bishop Dave Boon, a die hard BYU fan and one of the ponies walking around the property

After we saw the hogs, sheep, horses, minature ponies, ate wild blackberries and had fully saturated our flip flops with farm animal poop we walked to the cows, hundreds of cows that were just randomly walking around with no fence because as far as you could see belonged to the family.

Everything was going fine until the cows started mooing.  Not a cute barnyard Old MacDonald kind of moo but a low deep bellowing.  I don't know what they were all talking about but anytime one would start making that sound, Liv would make this face:

I was worried a bird was going to land on her lip it was out so far.  She wouldn't stop making this face until we left the cows.  We couldn't stop laughing.  She's so dang cute it's ridiculous.   Minus the cows, I think Liv's first farm exposure was a success.

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