Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The adventures of Liv and style.

Saturday was the wedding of our friend Michaela so I told Liv on the drive about wedding etiquette. Frankly, I haven't been  to many civil weddings before but I figured it would be like the movies and people saying "I do,"  with all the good food, expensive bridesmaid dresses, decoration, cheesy love songs playing the background minus the sealing power.  No big deal.  Well, I wasn't feeling stressed until I got in the car and realized that there was not an address to the church on the invitation.  I called someone for directions to put in the GPS and they said the GPS wouldn't pick up where it was and gave me some vague unhelpful hints that made me feel like I was on a backwoods scavenger hunt.  By the time we arrived Liv was doing her "I'm a teradactyl being stabbed" scream in the backseat.  I calmed her down and rushed into the chapel but as soon as we opened the doors I realized that the bridesmaids had already started walking down the aisle and Liv chose that moment to fill her lungs and let out a screech that was the precursor to her screaming cry she often does at inopportune times.  So we spent the entire wedding sitting on the steps outside the church in a town that I don't know the name of because it didn't show up on the GPS.  It will be a long long time before I ever bring Liv to another wedding again. At least a wedding in West Virginia where no one knows the address.

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