Thursday, September 8, 2011

Big day....

Big day today. Huge. Liv rolled over today.  If you don't have a journal, go buy one so you too can record this epic event.  Maybe you are what we call a blog skimmer and you didn't fully understand what I said so I am going to re type this very slowly so you can soak it all in....Liv rolled over today.  I am with Liv every day, all day.  G is working nights this month at the hospital so when I say it's a girls night, that is essentially every night ( the novelty is quickly wearing off).  Anyway, G said that today was my lucky day because he finished his case presentation and had a few hours after he woke up before he had to go back to work so he said he would watch Liv while I could do whatever I wanted for an hour.  Well, that was a rare opportunity indeed so I went to the most exotic place in the town next to ours...Wally's palace. Yes, Walmart. Alone. In solitude. Just me, the cart, and mobs of all kinds of people with a variety of tattoos and wife beaters all cramming their carts with "great value" brand items just like me. 

Well I was at the bread aisle getting rolls because the sister missionaries were coming over for dinner and I A. Don't know how to make rolls and B. Forgot to pull out the frozen ones that make it look like I know how to make rolls when my phone rang.  G proudly proclaimed that Liv had just rolled over for the first time.  Out of all the hundreds of hours that I had spent being Liv's "roll coach" laying on my belly dangling overpriced cat toys in front of her face making weird baby cooing encouragement mothering noises, trying to help her heave her thunder thighs over, she chose the one hour, the only hour that I have left in weeks to bust her move.  I think she did it on purpose.

I was shocked at how excited I was at this new trick.  I couldn't have been prouder if she had won a gold medal, won "Americas got talent", landed the Hinckley scholarship and won Miss the same time.  Now, if in 20 years, the only the she has accomplished is rolling over, I will be extremely disappointed.  As a 28 year old, my mom doesn't start going nuts every time I roll over. I had this split second epiphany about how Heavenly Father feels being a parent; I think our small little successes in life are both known and rejoiced over, however, just because we do something does not mean that Heavenly Father forgets about our potential or what He wants us to become.  I think He is thrilled and happy when we "roll over" for where we are in our spiritual development but still has great plans and expectations for who we can eventually become. Those small things matter. I love being a mom.

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  1. This post made me so happy! The baby I nanny rolled over for the first time yesterday, too! What are the chances?