Thursday, September 29, 2011

The best 8 Days of Bluefield....

A few months ago when I lived in the nucleus of the Mormon Beehive in happy Utah valley I was constantly amazed at how many little quotes stenciled, stitched and painted on anything and everything, anywhere you go. Now don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of something well said or a deep quote but it seems to me like little quotes are the new pokemon cards for homemakers and its a craze.  It's as if people will literally will forget to "live, laugh and love" if it's not posted in their living room; or heaven forbid the classic, "Always kiss me goodnight" in massive vinyl letters (if you need vinyl lettering to remind you to kiss goodnight, I think you should be investing in marriage counseling, not vinyl letters).  Anyway, I saw one a few months ago that made me roll my eyes because it was a no brainer.  It simply said, "Family is everything."  Well, let me tell you that I could make wallpaper, bathroom rugs, and a front door that says "family is everything" because I have come to realize just how dang true that is.  Family is everything.  Everything. Did you get that?  Everything.  I was more than thrilled to have my mom and Em come for 8 days of pure joy to my new world (I would say state, but this place is seriously in its own orbit).  
Liv became an instant celebrity.  Justin Beiber looked like a regular old trash collector compared to the attention Liv received.  I told them about her newest trick of rolling over but she hardly ever got the chance to perform because she was being held, coddled, gooed at, and kissed every second of the day. They even wanted to wake her up from her nap because they would miss her.  This befuddled me.
  I wanted them to feel like they got their money's worth so I took them to all the big attractions. The Disneyland of West Virginia....our coal mine in Pocahontas. 
Not to mention an authentic  Bluefield auction where the natives get together to bid over hideous plastic pink flowers that were in style back when Teddy Ruxpin, high tops, and BUM brand were all hip.
We visited an old abandoned train.  Can you believe our entertainment?  Why go to the beach when you can come to Bluefield and see all these sights for free?  That's right folks, free.  Book your ticket today, we're only 3 hours away from the nearest airport so give Liv and I little notice so we can pick you up in time...
One of the zenith aspects of the entire trip was being with Uncle Jared, Aunt Jodi and their darling boys.  We toured UofV and enjoyed lunch with Jodi and shopping in Charlottesville.  We loved being with them and their family (more to come on this particular topic).
Liv soaked up the attention like a swiffer on a sopping wet floor.  She laughed like crazy and adored being adored. It was so fun to see everyone get so excited about my constant companera. It's like I had been living with this treasure trove and didn't even know because I had gotten used to it until everyone came and raved.
Hands down, one of the best days and discoveries of the trip was a little place called Bramwell where we found the original diner with old soda fountains, the best sandwich and potato soup and of course supreme company.  More to come on this place as well.  This is just a little teaser of great things to come...
Game night in the evenings was also a source of excellent cheap laughs as we played our best senile nertz, racko, and loaded questions.  I love games. I love family. I love the combo meal of having both at one table.  My own table.
Garrett deserves an award for being so patient with all the same DNA estrogen all in the same house.  I bet he was thankful for the first time that he worked nights.  We never went to bed before 2 because we would talk and talk and talk and talk.  I loved it.  Every word. 
I was so happy that all the women I love got to coexist together.  Every morning I would wake up and get so excited that my mom and sister were in the next bedroom and that we would have all day to just be.  I hope Liv gets sisters and a mom like I have. There couldn't be anything better because I state my original claim that family is everything. Amen.

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