Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Seminary WV style...

I love a lot of things.  A lot. I love Sonic strawberry cream slushes in the middle of summer in your car with your windows rolled down and the AC going at the same time. I love good taste samples at Costco during lunch. I love the skin on old people's hands that is wrinkled and looks like it is 2 sizes to big and they still wear cologne or perfume that is a signature old person smell.  I love when you're listening to a song in the car and you pull into your driveway exactly when the song is ending.  I love the silky cotton on the top of vitamin bottles. I love laughing so hard that I can't breathe well and my only response is to clap my hands like a retarded seal and let a very unattractive, unfeminine gut laugh escape before I implode.  Besides Garrett and the people in my life, the thing on Earth that I love more than anything else is teaching seminary.  Without a doubt, teaching with the best men I have ever met in my life, and Kay (who if I get rich enough someday I will have a statue made of her for my entry way) was by far one of the most significant and enjoyable experiences of my entire life.  I've been to Hawaii and I would rather have that job for a week than sit on a beach with tanning oil sipping pineapple juice (see pic for reason why below:)

Anyway, I was called to be a seminary teacher again but it is a VERY and let me say VERY different experience.  I went from teaching 180 youth of the noble birthright to teaching 5.  It should be early morning but they live 1 1/2 hours away from each other so we meet at night before mutual. It's more like seminary tutoring.  With such a small class roster we def enjoy certain perks like Wendy's frosties for reading rewards.  Most of the teenagers parents are inactive and they are the only LDS kids in the whole area so it is a great responsibility to teach them. Even though it is so different, I am loving it (I should say Liv and I are loving it because she lays on the floor plugged up with a pacifier for all the lessons)  Even though I miss the Lone Peak peeps more than their intelligent minds will ever fully process, it does feel so good again just to be with the combo meal I love most...scriptures and teenagers.

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  1. Sister, we have a love for Lone Peak Seminary in common! That is where I spent my years of a student. Except if that picture is of your fellow seminary teachers, I don't recognize any of them. Oh...I miss Bro. Halverson, Bro. Peterson, Bro. Price, Bro. Monson. Those were GREAT years in my life. Plus, we had Sister Terry as our secretary. She's got a one-way ticket to the top rung of heaven for sure. No stops, no layovers. She's an angel. Thanks for reminding me of the great days of Lone Peak Seminary. And I attended during the days when they had real Seminary Council's. You bet your bottom dollar I was on Seminary Council. Best high school year ever. We had a ball. Good luck with your new group. They are probably crazy about you. You have a gift for making people love your guts, and being better people for knowing Y-O-U!