Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ahem, an important announcement.....

The city you see above is called Denver Colorado, aka topographical salvation, the best place on Earth, the mile high city, not Bluefield. In the middle of our vacation, G had an interview at a very impressive residency in downtown Denver.  There were so many applicants that it has been over a month since we applied but that didn't stop me from making it as frequent as "please bless the food" in my daily prayers.  The offered him the second year position at the conclusion of his two day interview!  Let me simplify this, WE ARE MOVING TO DENVER! Did you get that?  I am smiling as I type it.  I feel like I lost 120 pounds. We are returning to civilization.  Walmart will no longer be my only option for recreational activity and cultural refinement.  This is a blessing of extremely large proportions.  As soon as I picked up Garrett from the airport we got a strawberry milkshake to celebrate.
I also thought we should celebrate the fact that on the way to pick up Garrett I got a Florida warning instead of a $400 speeding ticket. Yes. Let's celebrate that too.  The conversation went a little something like this:
Policeman who looks like Gaston from Beauty and the Beast:  Mam do you know why I pulled you over?
Me: I would say speeding.
Police: Yes, that's correct. I need to see your license and registration.
Me: Ok, Here's all the things from the glove compartment (I hand him a large stack of papers, tickets, receipts and miscellaneous items)
Police: Um, mam if you'll hold out your hands I'll give you back everything I don't need.
Me: That sounds great. While you're sorting through everything I would like to apologize for speeding.  I'm really wishing I didn't do that. A lot.
Police: Silence. Cold stare. I feel like I'm trying to bond with a Gargoyle.  He then finishes handing me back my Disneyworld brochure, registration, McDonalds receipt and strength of youth pamplet. I really need to organize that for next time this sort of thing happens....

(After about 10 minutes of him looking up all my sins on his fancy car computer he finally returns with his hardcore flaslight. I've never understood what takes so long, I mean heck don't they just type in my name and it says if I'm wanted for murder or drunk driving and then either arrest me or give me my ticket.  I just think we could speed up the whole process.  I think they just sit in their cars for a few extra minutes playing "Words with friends" just to drag out the anticipation)

Police: Mam, you were going 20 miles over the speed limit and you didn't stop fully at the stop sign. I don't know what its like where you're from in West Virginia but here in Florida that is 7 points on your record and you're lookin at a 400 fine.
Me: I'm not from West Virginia. I actually hate that state and I'm trying to move which is why I'm trying to pick up my husband who is in Denver trying to get a job so we can leave that place.
Police: So I don't know West Virginia's policy but here in Florida you need to come to a complete stop.
Me: I don't know West Virgina's policy either because like I said, I'm really not from there. 
Police: I don't care where you're from. Why do you have that look on your face?
Me: Well, Officer I just think $400 is a lot of money. I mean a LOT of money and I don't think my husband is going to be thrilled and I really need to go pick him up.  He's very responsible.
Police: Is that why you were speeding?
Me: I didn't know I was speeding because I didn't know the speed limit but now I know I was speeding and I feel really sorry that I did that because I don't like to break the law, especially on vacation.
Police: Well slow down and it doesn't matter if you're here in Florida or when you go back to where you're from in West Virginia, you need to slow way down.
Me: I'm not from West Virginia.

It went on and on but I finally escaped unscathed with a warning.  The mercy definitely merited a strawberry shake.
I don't know why we are so blessed. I really don't. We are saturated in blessings and they just keep pouring in.  Denver feels like the perfect place for us. I could be a Broncos fan. I can be an anything fan pertaining to us moving.  It will be so amazing for G and for me.  We really are blessing hogs wallowing in our mire of tender mercies and blessings galore.
I am so excited I don't even know how to express my sentiments. More information to come....


  1. I WAS ROOTING FOR DENVER THE WHOLE TIME! I'm so thrilled for you.

    also, please tell me if that conversation is REAL or a little bit what you were saying in your HEAD. bahahaha you're the coolest.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you guys! I can't even imagine how thrilled you must be. So nice that you will be closer. I love all these posts! You are too funny and clever. Miss you guys!

  3. That's awesome Chelsey! I'm glad you get to come back to the west. And that poor policeman didn't know what was coming when he pulled you over :) Haha that made me laugh! I'm glad I can see your cute family on your blog. Your daughter looks sooo much like her daddy. So cute!

  4. Love that in every way you don't want anything to do with WV.