Friday, March 30, 2012

I like today.


I do this same thing every day. Oh wait, I don't. Ever.  Jamie shared this with me and I LOVED it because I think I need to hop up on my bathroom counter and start my day with some positive affirmations instead of pinching the fat on the back of my arms, getting annoyed when Liv takes a 12 minute nap when all the other moms boast and gloat about their 2-3 hour nap taking children, get frustrated because I feel allergic to myself and bugged and everything I am not and feeling jealous of everyone who is, spending hours on pinterest in some sick altered craft reality that will never come to pass and secretly swearing at the people in front of me at the grocery store line that are taking way too long.


  1. I love you Chels! It is always reassuring and gives me some form of perspective when I find out that those women whom I most admire (The ones who I feel are so perfect and have everything fantastically together) struggle with the same insecurities and vices I do.
    You are amazing! One of the most faithful and inspiring people I know. Your love of life is addicting and your blog is incredible. The way you put things always puts a smile on my face and leaves me wishing I could say the same things so perfectly.
    Next time days like this come take comfort in knowing that however many miles away I am, I am sharing the exact same thoughts you are. Soemtimes it helps to know you aren't the only one.

  2. You are so darling....and truthful! I love this, and I think that you are an amazing person. Keep being wonderful. And I agree with the comments by Brandon and Brittany....