Saturday, March 24, 2012

Some late night thoughts...

5 Things that I am wanting at 11:52 pm while I wait for the dryer to finish:
I think I'm out of the backpack stage but maybe I could have a stag beetle diaper bag. It would definitely make a statement in the mothers lounge. It's so dang funny to me.
Roses made out of bacon. Genius. They don't wilt, they have multiple purposes and are less expensive, not to mention extremely romantic.
I would like a finger monkey just for church. It would fit in my scripture case and I think it would be very entertaining and I could still pay meticulous attention, well at least for me.  Last Sunday during sacrament meeting when I was putting Liv's banana puffs in G's ear for her to fetch while he tried to give his laser beam like usual attention to the speaker he finally whispered, "Chel, you are acting like you are 3!" I whispered back, "Well you are acting like you are 80."  I love my reverent husband. I still want a church finger monkey.
 I want to get one of these for Liv. This is what we call an outfit investment. If G will grant his permission, I really am seriously considering buying this. It makes me laugh.
Why have I never thought of getting a clear toaster?  Burnt toast is always the incorrect way to start the day. Especially salvaged burnt toast where you make that really ugly sound scraping the black shrapnel off into the trash.  This invention solves it all.

4 quotes I'm liking right this second:

2 Things I am reading right now and loving:
1."The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin
2. "Increase in Learning" by David A. Bednar

2 People I am really loving and missing right this second:
 (Not missing her enough to wake her up but still missing her)

 While this is what he should be doing at night, this man is doing rectal exams, diagnosing diabetes and saving lives while the rest of the world (besides construction workers) drool away all night. I will not be sad to kiss the night rotation goodbye.

The dryer just finished but I think I am too tired to fold so instead I am going to cash in my chips and say goodbye to Saturday. Happy Sabbath, anyone is invited for dinner with a complimentary free squirrel show directly following the meal. Book your reservations now.


  1. you are so funny! love your blog! :)

  2. You are so funny!! While your Husby is doing rectal exams, mine is chasing bad guys in fast cars.Do you sleep when he is gone at night? I don't.