Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Movie Late Night...

So On March 1, 2012 I basically felt like I went in a time machine and went back to singlehood hang out with friends and go to movie phase.  You know. The phase where you never go outside without mascara, take your phone with you into the bathroom in case the current boy you have a crush on sends a text and stay up all night with room mates analyzing and discussing everything which is actually nothing.  Tara and I made a plan and after putting the kids to bed we escaped.  Even though it started at 9:35 we felt like it was 2 am as we drove to the movie theater doing something completely atypical.  We were shocked at how much the movie cost and even more at how much a coke was.  We made sure to drink every swallow since it was average about .75 cents per sip. 
It felt so funny to leave her mini van parked in the driveway and have an empty carseat where Liv always sucks on her animal crackers and squawks like a parrot from the back seat. We brought strawberry ring pops and enjoyed the quintessential chick flick that came out oh so appropriately on Valentines Day.
I owe this woman my Bluefield sanity.  Although it felt fun to be child free and momentarily back in singlehood glory; it was much better to not just get to watch a chick flick with a good friend but come home to a real live husband who is much better than Channing Tatum any day.

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