Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Some things we learned on our vacation...

I learned a few things while at the Babich all inclusive resort of love.
1. How to braise lamb shanks. Rosemary is actually a plant, not just the flakes in the jar.
2. These two people would give Mother Teresa a run for her money.  I have never seen such generosity.  It was like hospitality on steroids.  I mentioned that I like the cocoa almonds they had downstairs and when I woke up the next morning, what did my eyes behold but a bowl of the cocoa almonds right next to my bed (next to the peanut m&ms that were already there).
 3. David is very funny to play games with and everyone should enjoy a round of golf with them both.
4. No one does laundry like Aunt Eveleen. No one.  I have never seen clothes folded so meticulously and smell so nice.  I never thought there was an art to laundry until I witnessed the master at work.
5. Think of the most gourmet deluxe tastebud tingling thing you have ever eaten and then times that by oh say by a gizillion and then you will be in the ballpark of how Uncle David cooks.  I should have taken a picture and documented every meal.
6. I am so grateful to be on the same family tree as these unselfish, fun, Christlike human beings forever.

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