Tuesday, April 16, 2013

All done.

It's funny to see what phrases Liv picks up on based on what she hears from me, Curious George, and Sesame Street. Without consciously teaching her words, it is interesting to hear phrases said in a 23 month old voice that I say.  For example, after taking a bite of macaroni and cheese one day Liv put down her spoon, closed her eyes and said, "Mmmmm. Soooooo good." I thought that was a little over the top until I realized that when I really like food I make a big deal and say, "Sooo good," just like she did. She also says, "Don't do that," quite clearly when I tried to change her diaper.  The most frequent phrase is, "All done," when she wants to end something.  Usually she says it when it's time to tame the rats nest, or when its time for bed.
You know when she is sick of something because she suddenly says quite loudly and very clear, "All Done".  Sunday sacrament meeting felt a little longer than usual and we had already colored, lost the plastic zebra behind the bench, and exhausted our diaper bag resources.  Suddenly she stood on the bench and said loud and clear, "All done Jesus!"  I tried to tell her that we really shouldn't be done with Jesus but I don't think it meant anything because she was in the zone of "all done."  It is hard to compete though when she knew that nursery was next with bubbles and puzzles. Sometimes I wish there was adult nursery for times when you feel, "all done."

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  1. i seriously laughed so loud when i read the sacrament "all done" experience.