Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Conference. The other New Years.

 I love New Years but to be honest, I can't even remember what resolutions I made a month later so it's a pretty pointless holiday as far as my personal progress goes. I always feel so motivated after general conference. A heck of lot more motivated than I do after gaining post Christmas glutton weight from all the neighborhood treat drop offs and sitting around.  Thus, I have decided that conference is now the new new years.  A time to make some goals and actually do something different. 
 I am not scrapbook inclined. However, I am starting a conference binder for our fam and we are going to make it a big deal for two reasons:
1. I love conference
2. I love big deals
Thus, conference is a big deal.  So I want it to be something fun and that everyone looks forward to.   Liv had a positive conference experience because she got to go to the park in between sessions.  As we pulled up in her stroller it was like she had completely forgotten parks exist because at the first sight she started screaming so loud with pure joy and memories of germy twisty slides and swings and pea gravel in your shoes came flooding back and she was in playground heaven.  She also loved building marble towers with dad during the talks.  Grace wins the award for paying the best attention:
When I was little I remember feeling like general conference was the longest TV show ever invented. It seems like I couldn't tell one old man in a suit from the next and I would get very restless filling in my conference Bingo board. Now I feel like it goes so fast and over the noise of marble playing, diaper changing, and child chasing I miss the days when my mom would make us watch while eating homemade cinnamon rolls and trying to fill in my bingo board faster than Mike.
I don't care how tired you are or how many times you got up in the night to nurse, you do not feel tired when listening to Elder Holland. In case you missed it, do yourself a favor and enjoy a little spiritual dessert:
I love Conference. I love that news years comes twice a year with enough instruction and motivation to last me the next 900 years if I exercised and actually lived that long.

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