Monday, April 8, 2013

4 Generational Girls Getaway...

So this one time my mom, my sister, my 84 year grandma and my two daughters were all together at my house. It's true. It happened. It was like an unpruned family female tree gone wild and I loved every second. We were very sad that Eliza couldn't join to complete the bonding. Since Gar was in and out working, Cole was the only patriarchal male influence in the home.  This is one of those posts that is really not exciting to anyone, and I could look at each of these pics and have a brain smile for hours.  
I loved waking up to the sight of these women in their pajamas...
 Cole and Grace had their first (of many) cousin bonding time.  It's going to be much easier on both of them if they choose to be friends because they are going to be forced to hang out for more hours in their future than they could possibly realize with their developing brains...
Of course we had a spa night. Girls have to do girl things and what is more girl-ish than spa time, whether you are wearing a training bra and braces or 84 with wrinkles. It's what girls do.

Easter Sunday with the self timer...
 Sunday Watercolor class. Unfortunately, my mothers artistic talent was not passed on to her oldest daughter. The purple bleeding blob on a green stick was my best work. It's supposed to be a spring flower. Don't judge.
 Soaking up some Colorado sun on a Spillway stroll...
 Em and I sent mom, Gram and Gar on an Easter Egg hunt that ended in the playset.  My grandma and mom's reaction can be clearly seen in this photo.   Gar was calm as a summers morn (as usual).
 May the ever classic "robin egg lipstick" tradition never die.
 Games galore included scrabble, masterpiece, and rack-o.  We were no match for Grams superior intellect.  It was a total sweep.
 One of my favorite sights every night...
 Don't even act like you don't wish Em was your aunt.
 Even though he was severely outnumbered, I was so happy that dream baby was there, also known as Cole Orton.  I'm not a baby lover but I am a Cole lover. To the max.
There are few things that are a better use of time and money than garage sales.  We introduced my grandma to this way of shopping which she was not accustomed to. After the third sale she asked very perplexed, "Well I just can't find the prices and how do you even know what to shop for?"  She's the best. 
 Liv couldn't get enough of her idol, my mother.
 There is no way I could have a more fun mom or grandma.  It is essentially the same personality running through all our veins and I am so glad.
Some memories you just want to soak in formaldehyde and preserve every detail so you never forget any moments.  This last weekend was one of them.  I loved being with some of the most important women in my life all together. I need them in my world no matter how old I get or how many children I have.  I watched a special on elephant herds that showed how female elephants naturally form a small group of other females during the day to associate with and that they need that connection to thrive.  I feel the same.  I'm so grateful to be part of such a fun female family tree. 

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  1. I LOVE these pictures! the love and joy is palpable!! long live family bonding.