Friday, April 12, 2013

Bathroom mats and Liv's pet rat nest.

 Liv hates to have her hair brushed. I can't imagine why (typed in sarcastic font). I know you feel like you should call Division of Family Services and report us for never bathing her, but before you pick up the phone, let it be known that she has a nightly bath and her hair is washed frequently.  I don't know if she has dread lock genes or what is wrong with her hair consistency but every morning I understand why people use the term, "rat's nest."  It's like pure fluff that that would be a perfect habitat for a small animal.  Thus, we go through more detangler like bath water.  While we're on the topic of hair brushing and bathrooms, I have two bathroom mats that I am really wanting to get for a guest bathroom someday.  I can't decide which one would be better:
I will probably just have to get them both. Wouldn't you want to come to our guest bathroom someday? It makes the ones we have now look so boring. 

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