Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Vlasic classic...

Liv has a new obsession and it's called pickles. She goes wild for pickles. She would pick a pickle over a doughnut or ice cream any day.  One lunch she ate 4 whole pickles. It it wasn't so revolting I would describe her diaper the following day.  Let's just say I smelled pickles a room away.  We finally decided had to get her a massive jar from Sam's club because it was more economical to keep up with her pickle craze.
Sometimes I try to make her wait which is hard when you love pickles like she does.  Some people find comfort in squeezing their stuffed teddy bear, Liv gets the same peace from holding her jar of pickles.
I asked her if she loved pickles and instead of answering, she just kissed the bottle. 
I realize this is not normal. I am hoping the pickle phase passes quickly.


  1. I Love that she loves pickles. it's so random and funny. she is my favorite 2 year old!!

  2. That is hilarious. That little Liv is the cutest!