Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Family Night...

 Some commandments are obvious (don't smoke or kill people).  Some commandments are necessary (go to church, fasting, be kind).  Then there are some commandments that are fun and having family home evening is one of my all time favorite commandments.  Family night is something that happens once a week on Monday nights where the family is supposed to spend time together and you have a lesson, activities, treats etc. Yesterday, Gar gave us a stellar lesson on faith.

Liv was an excellent song leader last night and takes her job very seriously. She leads along with the chorister on Sundays and has quite a repertoire of songs she can sing now.  She also started praying this week and refuses to copy anything we say.  The most frequently prayed for items are airplanes, titty tats, Baby Gace, and the park.  
 Grace's family night job was to not cry. She did her job which was appreciated  by  everyone.
I was on refreshment and activity so we had peach milkshakes..
Liv is always willing to help, and made some excellent "Handspun" milkshakes. 

For our activity I decided we should learn how to read palms and we found out that Gar is going to have a long and fulfilling marriage and that I lose attention quickly and and am selfish in my relationships. I would like to emphasize that after finding out what palms mean, I no longer believe them but if you want your palm read, there are now two qualified readers in Aurora if you would like to schedule your appointment.  

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  1. yes. i would love to have my palm read, please.