Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dessert and FHE one.

Some things will never be as good as your moms. Example number one: carrot cookies. I think the air changes with new generations cooking because I have tried and tried hard several times using exact recipes from my mom or Garrett's mom and it never tastes the same.  Usually I can come pretty close but carrot cookie day was not even close at all. What I remember and pictured in my mind was mom's fluffy thick carrot cookies with a sweet orange glaze heaped up on the counter when we would come home from school for "after school snack".  They were so good warm with a glass of milk.  Well, I woke up Sunday morning to this:
And decided that warm carrot cookies and milk were the only option.  The frigid bitterness demanded that I make them and I was craving them.  The only problem is that the fluffy thick cookies I imagined and dreamed of all day, turned out to be chewy hard orange frisbees.  Gar was nice about the 1/2 cookie he chewed like gum and then swallowed but I knew his true feelings when for family night activity, he chose having a contest to see who could through them from our balcony into the woods the farthest.
Some things just taste better in your mind.  It will be a long time before I attempt carrot chewy frisbees again.

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  1. this is so hilarious.
    you are the greatest thing that ever hit this planet.