Saturday, February 25, 2012

The ultimate milestone. Check. Finally.

I get this weekly email from some baby company that tells you what your baby should be doing every week.  Some of the things are ridiculous and cause undue panic like if your child isn't tracking and picking up small grains of rice with her fine motor skills by month three.  I would say on the paranoid mom scale I am a 0.  It is good Liv has the dad she does because he is her worrying advocate and always attending to the details that I find less than imperative.  For example, a few hours ago G and I were eating lunch and my purse was on the floor.  Liv was picking things up with her exceptionally advanced fine motor skills and I wasn't paying strict attention.  Suddenly G with his father ninja reflexes and eagle eye jumped up from the table like a firework exclaimed, "Is she chewing gum? What is she eating?"  Since I was closer I told him to sit down and I would assess the emergent situation. After checking it out I said, "Babe, don't worry, it's just a cadbury egg," and continued on. Maternal instinct my eye. G takes better care of a baby than any beehive babysitter or mother I know.  If he wasn't so invested in his job, I would consider having him be our homemaker for Liv's and our home's sake.    Anyway, milestones are important. Rolling over, waving bye bye, crawling etc are all the small indicators that make you feel like your child will indeed make something of themselves and possibly win a gold medal someday.  I love when Liv does new tricks and meets her weekly milestone that incessant email always suggest  but I would have to say my favorite one is the fact that last week she started sleeping through the night. I think I might possibly be ok with her not achieving a single milestone from here on out as long as she maintains this one.  I can see me in relief society 10 years from now with the other mothers gently asking why my 11 year old is still crawling and I will say with pride, "I don't know, but she does sleep through the night."

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