Friday, February 10, 2012

The new Seibold family fad....

 I like the word fad. It means:
A temporary fashion, notion, manner of conduct, etc., especially one followed enthusiastically by a group.
I love fads. Just because it is temporary does not make it any less exciting.  I go through different fads. Lots of them. I do not think this is uncommon. When I was in elementary school I went through a cow fad. Most of my friends went through a dolphin fad. My sister Em went through a sunflower fad (which led to a self proclaimed nickname). It happens. There are lots of fads that we go through as a society.  Like Trapper Keepers. First of all, what a great name...trapper keeper.  Break that down and it's astounding. First it traps your papers and then it keeps them, not to mention the fact that it comes with illions of options for annoyingly bright colors, patterns and designs. Genius. There is no misnomer here.  What ever happened to the trapper keeper company? Choosing the trapper keeper was always one of the sacred rites of starting the new school year as well as picking out the perfect color pencil box.  I loved that fad.
Long before there was pokeman, there was another fad that supersede jiggely puff any day.  A phase that I wish was still with us today. Those of you fellow friends who had holographic slammers like myself, still may mourn the loss of the pog fad:
  It's good that some fads die and need to be left in the fad cemetery, like me wearing overalls and having bangs that look like a cauliflower glued to my forehead fad. 

I could go on and on but now that I'm older and mature and own things like a nursing bra, roth IRA, and have a new last name I have realized that maturity does not equal the evaporation of fads.  When you're married, you just find someone to fadify (meaning to experience a fad) with.  For example, G and I are still going strong on a tater tots and strawberry cream slush fad.  Anytime we pass Sonic, there are no words spoken, our dietary souls are in such sync that a consultation is not necessary and whoever is driving automatically turns in and knows just what to order.  We have been participating in this fad for over a year now and are still not sick of it.  Being married is the best for fad participation.  Lately we've been hardcore watching debates and following politics fad, a watch biggest loser on Tuesday nights and eat rocky road fad, playing are you smarter than a fifth grader fad, a salsa/cream cheese and chips snack fad, a watching Brian Williams news fad and others.  I'm still in my eat a bowl of cinnamon life before bed fad and I have a new favorite pair of blue pajama pants fad and as of late, we have a new fad that is taking up way too much time.  May I introduce the fad of the month...words with friends:
This game has brought untold joy to my life.  The first perk is that you can play with people who are 2 times zones away.  After G is doing his lamaze breathing and sleeping soundly next to me, that is the sign that the night has just begun and Em and I play until 1 am in epic "battles" which sometimes make me laugh out loud and cause G to wake from his slumber.  G and I play while he is on the exercise bike, in bed before going to sleep, while making dinner and anywhere else.   It's nerdiness at its finest and I am not ashamed. If you do not have words with friends in your life, you should. I don't know how long this fad will last but until it ends, I am enjoying every fadilicious moment.
(In memory of the maternity clothes, protruding belly button, puke all the time everywhere fad of fads....Plus the camera charger is lost so I only have photos from the old archives)

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