Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Monday in Ohio...

 Monday morning was G's interview.  This is a live shot moments before the interview of him telling me that we don't need to take a picture of him. I think he's so handsome. I have for almost a decade now.  Anyway, moving off G's hotness and onto the day.  G was going to be dazzling the physicians until 2 pm so Liv and I had the day to ourselves in a state we knew nothing about.  So, Liv, a lot of animal cookies, the GPS and I headed off for a spontaneous day in Ohio.
The hospital is close to Kirtland so Liv and I spent the majority of the day on the tour with some fantastic wrinkled consecrated missionaries and loved every second, even though Liv pulled down the curtains in the school of the prophets obliterating the reverent mood during the most important spiritual part of the tour.
 Liv and I with Emma Smith's china (Liv's facial expression adequately reflects her feelings at this point in the tour):
Liv in a quiet moment of meditation by the barley contemplating the sacrifice of the early Saints:
The Whitney home's "Keeping Room".  Ann Whitney called this the "keeping room" because it is where she kept her children close to her and kept them close to the Lord by having scripture study here.  It's like a kitchen/living/dining/scripture room.  I decided I definitely want to have a "keeping room" in my home someday.
Liv was so overcome by the tour that she had to take a rest to process it all,  as I drove around exploring the land of milk and honey.  We decided to take advantage of being Bluefield free by going to my favorite restaurant Texas Roadhouse. 
 You are never too young for your first exposure to Texas Roadhouse rolls and cinnabutter.  Liv was thrilled with her experience. It will not be her last. . 

We justified the celebration because Cleveland had concluded the interview by offering Garrett a position.  When I asked Liv how she felt about moving out of Bluefield she responded:

I feel the same way.  Ironically G was offered a interview in Denver so he is going next week to interview there before we make any decisions.  We feel like blessing hogs.  We are so excited and so grateful.  Please standby for any incoming revelation and big decisions to be made....


  1. WAHOO! hahah this post is awesome. Liv has the best facial expressions! I'm so excited for you guys! Can't wait to hear where you'll be next!!

  2. Congratulations on all the interviews!! How awesome to have options!!