Friday, February 10, 2012

What to do when life bugs you...

Sometimes life bugs. It's not like you feel like swearing or having anything to be irate at or bawl your brains out for. You just feel bugged; like a bad mosquito bite on the back of your leg or being at a piano recital that is lasting way too long. Being bugged is usually temporary and usually a matter of making some minor changes.  Liv and I had been breathing garage sale used air in the house all day and while I was busy doing a lot of things, I was just feeling bugged.  I put Liv down for her nap (this is a process) and then needed to take out of the trash.  I walked outside and the bugginess was instantly zapped. It was a phenomenon. There was crisp fresh February air and the sun was so bright it made my eyes wrinkle.   I didn't know it but I think I just needed to go outside and when I came back in I felt so fresh and renewed.  That simple. Easier than making easy mac. So easy. I love that feeling.
Liv will demonstrate this principle.  Here is happy Liv. Not bugged. (Please do not judge her low cut onesie, this was not meant to be scandalous)
Something external is given to Liv that starts to bug her.  Instead of accepting it, she attempts to remove herself from the situation which proves difficult since it is attached to her head.
Instead of surrendering, she persists in making small changes that will help restore her to her happy bug free state.
She is momentarily distracted by the hippo spot toy.  Even Liv falls for the old distration trick. Don't you make the same mistake (also note that the item of annoyance has now been destroyed and is in two pieces, sometimes it is necessary to destroy what is bugging you unless that thing is a person)
Liv persists in facing that which has vexed her for over 5 minutes and attempts to ingest and process the problem. Acknowledgement is key in this process, otherwise you end up saying things like, "I'm FINE" when you secretly want to give everyone a wedgie.  Liv once again teaches us this valuable lesson as she becomes familiar with the problem before finally removing it and is restored to her happy bug free state.

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